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AMARON Complaint - Battery down and poor custoner care

I purchased amaron battery by advice of one of the bike service centre jus 1 month back..within a week battery is down..we went to amaron dealer he put battery with him and asked to come back after 2 days he charged it again and returned was working well again for a week..

As per my research i have analysed that many customers are facing the same problem with amaron almost 80-90% of my relatives have suffered in the same way..then i realised my bike service man also know about this and he is advicing whoever come to his service to go with amaron and he hinself fits battery and give us a warrenty card..and says if any problem exists pls reach me again..

When we reach him he will forward us to dealer ..its a big game between this two guys ..see how is it follows..

Its a big scam they give us warrenty of 2 years but they make customer to roam repairing the same bateery by recharging it is very much aware that customer will not have patience to reach him all the time so everytime he take a gap of two days so the customer would totally vex and he can hardly reach him 2 - 3 times..

They give us warrenty being aware of that they can recharge it and give back to customer until customer gets totally vexed of it..

Jus imagine how can customer take his time to reach dealer every week ..its hardly impossible..he says in warrenty that in worst he will any cost they are not going to replace ..they just ask customer to reach againa and again and recharge the same battery again and again..

I also put my amaron battery on side and purchased new Exide battery..this same thing happened with whomever i talk to and who are complete victim of amaron tricks

My friends my relatives have face with the same problem and they have switched to Exide ..
This is the worst battery i have ever seen..even the customer care or dealer are playing with customers on the same way..

As a customer we expect genuine customer care ..but you guys are giving warrenty simply and playing a complete sychological game

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