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Mediassist Complaint - Claim Closed

Hi Team,

Medi Assist claim ID - 1424610. Hospitalisation was on 10 and 11 Feb. And with in a month I have submitted the documents with in a month and Medi Assit kept asking me other documents and same was submitted within time line and also sent the chaser mail for updates and i kept getting mail that after repeated reminder that as if i was not sending details.

Atlast they asked for cancel cheque and the same was submitted by mail. I was told that its not clear (It was actual clear) however still i sent again and also the follow up mails for which i was not provided any reply or update.

Later i only got message one mobile saying that after repeated reminder i was not given cxl cheque hence closed.

Need to escalate this and get this sorted.

Best Regards

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