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This mail is regarding false credit card statement issued to us by Royal bank of scotland earlier known as ABN-AMBRO.

After facing a lot of harassment calls, letters and being humiliated by the Bank several times from past 8-9 years. Undersigned approach to your good self for need of justice as soon as possible. I had initially borrowed personal loan of Rs 262000/- from the then ABN-AMRO BANK which was later on taken over by Royal bank of scotland- Loan account number- 9356326. The payments of EMI'S were made regularly to the bank. Later, on-dated 17-07-2010 vide reference number 28217072010033 undersigned settled the account with RBS by making full and final payment of Rs 76000/- against the outstanding dues of Rs 215,420.38 only. The receipt number of loan re-payment is -9282INCR/53080 dated 19-07-2010 of Rs 76000 only. The said payment made through cheque number-118849 dated 19-07-2010 of central bank of india.

In the meantime ABN-AMRO bank had sent a credit card bearing number-5425 0517 0166 8344 in the name of rajni tyagi , valid from 12/06 to 12/08. The credit card account number R1CP207165. The said credit card has never been utilized by me since the day I have received it. I had never asked the bank for the card and was issued to me without any request. The card has always been locked in my almirah. After passing some time the bank raised a demand of Rs 42664/- against using the card for personal purchasing etc. Thereafter I have been receiving a lot of calls from bank and their recovery agents to make the payment which has never been utilized by me. On this account they have several times misbehaved and threaten us for dire consequences if the payment not made.

Since then full settlement of account and the payment of credit card was transferred to number of banks/recovery agents who have taken over consecutively. In spite of my repeated requests to send me the detail of my outlets or any other source on which the card has been used by us. The bank has always failed to provide me with any kind of purchase statement or proof that the card was used by us.

Sir, due to said reason my cibil score is very low and has cause problem to take further any loan or favor from banks. The current holder bank continuously adding the levy on it. In view of above your good self is requested to direct the bank to close this issue as soon as possible.

Thanking You
Dinesh Tyagi

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