aadhar card Biometric integrity issue


My aadhar card was deactivated without any notification. I visited an enrollment center and got biometrics done again. Now though the status of my aadhar card shows verified, I am not able to link it with PAN or any of my bank accounts.
On checking Aadhar update status it says ‘Aadhaar suspended due to Biometrics integrity issue. Resident shall visit Permanent Enrolment Centre with document proofs for update.’
After getting this error I visited the same center where I had done my biometrics for updating Aadhar again with the Document proofs as was mentioned in the error and was shocked to know that the staff had no idea about this error and was not able to help me in any way.
This has become such a pain, esp considering linking aadhar is mandated. Kindly let me know what am I supposed to do next??
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