Aakash Institute zoology faculty at aakash nashik centre

This is to inform you that here in aakash nashik Dr. Nilesh mishra is playing with our future. He is academic head in medical wing but no academic decision has been taken by him. He is the only zoology faculty in nashik centre. He dont use the board. He never draw a single daigram on board while teaching, he use to crack the vulger joke and use vulger language in class. He is not available at coaching for doubt clearing. His syllabus is too slow that the portion of test has never been completed. He wastes the maximum duration of the class by talking and cracking lame joke. After completing one and a half year in aakash, i realised that my future is in danger. I joined akash with the dream to be a docter but i think everything has been destroyed. I never expected such a bad service rendered by such a esteemed coaching like akash. Now I am in a situation that neither i can leave akash nor can study by my own. I have informed this to staff several times along with many studen!
ts but no action has been taken. After complaint I was threatened so i am writing it anonymously. We have many complaints regarding academics and management. If this will continue then the reputation of akash will be in danger. I beg you to take serious action immediately else all my hopes will die.

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