Dear Sir,

Subject Grievance regarding unhygienic surroundings because of neighbors dogs .

This i s to bring to your kind invoice that my, my widow mother , and aged grandmother is residing at adreess KRA 294,kulashekaram,koduganoor p.o…. .THENEIGHBOUR ADRESS IS KRA 295 ,PUNARTHAM,Houseowner name SINDHU ANILKUMAR & ANILKUMAR Our neighbors having a kennel in their own home. where they are keeping a about 10 dogs.,, and I’m sorry if this post is long.
My kitchen area where I work, looks right into their frond yard from the fence.. Ever since they moved in, they have trained their dog to poop/pee on the side of their house (not the backyard, the side of the house abutting ours), but I have never seen them pick anything up. poopy area!"
I wouldn’t really care since it IS their property..the dog waste smells are very bad. , then our outdoor kitchen that is right next to the poop area. How appealing will that be to smell that while cooking, or relaxing? we inform that the neighbors to about this smell.but they don’t care about it,we complaint about this issue to regional corporation office,Nettayam but no change. my mom is widow ,so they don’t bothered about my mom’s complaint or her words. we are helpless. we cant stay with our home because the dog smells ..no words to explain the dog smell.
Essentially, spring & fall we can use our yard – but as it is currently, summer is out of the question. We haven’t even invited people over this year because it smells so bad in the heat. Please take action for this , its a request.


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