ACT Act – Pathetic experience


My name is Srinivas. My mobile number is 9849312687. My Act Fibernet connection was disconnected as I did not pay the bill till yesterday. I paid my Internet connection bill yesterday (8/14). Below is the Payment receipt details. Still my connection is not restored. I have been continuously trying to reach the call center but no use. When I try to chat on the support it still shows that I have not paid the bill and the account is suspended. This is a pathetic service. You are indirectly forcing people like me move to your competitors. Reaching out to the call center representative is the toughest job with Act Fibernet. Please do the needful and restore my connection at the earliest.

Received fromSRINIVAS SARMA .
Account Number############
Payment NumberP1-7912386
Date of Payment2019-08-13 15:01:32
Transaction Reference numberBBPSPT01STYOWX9T
AmountRs 796.50
Transaction detailsBillpayment

ph: 9849312687

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