ACT Fiber Installation not done after collecting money

Hi Team,

I placed placed the request (ID:############) on sunday(8/9/19) and monday(9/9/19) executive came and collected the payment as well, i requested him to get the connection setup today if possible as i have some imp office work to be done as i m working from home.
Exe said i get it done if not today for sure by tomorrow afternoon (10/09/2019) but nothing happened i have raised the complaint to call center and they logged the complaint and assured it will be addressed today.

Still nothing happened i tried calling exe who collected money he gave me the excuse that we done any field guy available but let me get someone to help you, but nothing happened, after an Hr i called him again but he did not pick up the call for entire evening, when i tried calling call center it says i m in Q and every time i reach 6th position call get disconnected, this is happening since last night till now i have called almost 20 timed and it the same thing cant get hold of anyone.

And my connection is still not setup, i have requested your connection only because you promised it will be done by Tuesday, but seems like you dont have any intentions for giving a connection, so please refund my money i will look for other providers who can live up to promise they make.

I know only reply i m going to get from you is we are sorry, we apologizes, we regret for the inconvenience, but that will not make any difference.


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