Air India Harassment

Dear Sir,

This is in regard to the Air India flight AI 629 departed on 1st November 2018. Me, Sanket Agrawal along with my Wife, Vidhi Karwa, reached airport and went to the check in counter for check in and submission of the Baggage. We were told that the flight is OVERBOOKED and they have no alternate arrangement for us that evening. They told we need to wait till the next day. In the queue were 3 more passengers a couple, Mr. and Mrs. Patwardhan and a 1 year old infant. We booked the tickets 3 months back only to be denied last minute.
After long arguments and explaining our desperate situation, the Counter Manager gave all of us a boarding pass with same seat number 8A and told us to move to boarding gate and you will be taken in the flight. We along with our huge baggages ran towards the boarding gate only to be denied at the gate stating the flight is full. We were physically harassed, tired and subsequently mentally harassed by Air India staff. We asked for water for the kid and the ladies, we were told Air India doesnât provide Water, Go and have at the restaurant. The staff treated us badly as if we have done a crime booking confirm tickets and coming to the airport to travel.
Subsequently they intentionally offered us hotel which was at a distant place from Airport when we requested them to arrange nearby. We opted to go back to our home instead. They gave us next Mornings flight with a boarding pass scheduled to board at 5.20 am. Mr. Patwardhan and family was lucky to get boarded next morning. However, when me and my wife went for baggage submission, again the person told rush to the gate as they are closing the gate considering the flight is full again. We again ran to the Gate only to be denied again. Air India made a joke of us twice in 12 hours and then told us that they cant even arrange alternate arrangement. When we threatened them to lodge a FIR with police, they gave us the evening flight of 7 pm again. We again went home, came back in the evening and boarded the flight.
We still have the pictures and physical copy of the Boarding passes of overbooked 1st November flight having the same seat number in all boarding passes. However, when we asked for the cancelled Boarding passes of next morning flight, they said they have destroyed them. This is intentional destroying of evidence by Air India staff although that will still be in their system and video footages in Airport.
We approached Air India staff for compensation, they told us that they are doing a favour giving a subsequent flight for free. I have read DGCA stand in February 2018 given to Delhi High Court stating over booking and denying boarding to flyers despite having confirmed tickets should pay up immediately.
We have not only suffered this financially and physically, but this has affected me and my Wife mentally. We are regular tax paying citizens of this democratic country, Air India have no right to deny us with our rights, treat us badly and leave us stranded at airport even after having a confirmed tickets.
Sir, I would seek a legal opinion from my lawyers for this, but before that I am writing to you for your help on this matter so that we are not only appropriately compensated but also we receive formal apology from Air India personnelâs.
In addition to this complaint, I am posting the entire incidence on social media to make people aware. I will also send the video of this torture to Honourable Prime Minister, Ministry of Civil Aviation, Mr. Suresh Prabhu and Air India official twitter handle.
Below are the details of the above complaint :-

1st overbooking :-

Date – 1st November 2018.
Flight Number â AI 629
Flight Time â 7.00 pm
Journey – Mumbai to Nagpur
Name – Sanket Agrawal and Vidhi Karwa
Airline PNR JP9F7
Ticket Number :- Sanket â 0982563766799, Vidhi â 0982563766800
2nd Overbooking :-

Date â 2nd November 2018.
Flight Number â AI 627
Flight time â 5.50 am
Journey – Mumbai to Nagpur
Name – Sanket Agrawal and Vidhi Karwa

Please we need your help so that Air India does not repeat this again with any other passenger.
Sanket Agrawal
Email – [email protected]

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