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Hello Team,

My name is Rajesh Kuppala, I have a Airtel postpaid number which is 7675052747 and I have a bill of 4k on it. The main issue is I have 3 child numbers free as per the plan but everytime the bill generates I use to get a bill of 1700 to 2000 for 1199 plan even tough I paid it for 3 months and once I thought of having a clarification on the bills and I visited Airtel office branch Madhapur and they have told me that there is a extra amount adding up on the child numbers and they said they will wave off the price. I said okay and they also said till the issue is cleared do not pay the bill. Till now they have raised 4 cases but still the issue remains the same.
Just before like 2 or 3 weeks someone from a 3rd party collections team has called a alternative number which I have [provided and spoke very very rude and then I went and complained in the Airtel office Madhapur, Hyderabad and then a Manager named Junaidh has cleared it.
Now my main issue is I have a 4k bill and the Airtel people are only waving off 900 which is not at all fair and from past 15 days they have bared my number. The branch people only said not to pay the bill and once I didn't as per their words and now they are playing all these games. I also said I will pay off a bill of 2000 and wave off the rest but still a nude no from Airtel.
Kindly request you guys to check and let me know if anything else needed from my end.
Thanks and Regards,
Rajesh Kuppala

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