Re request no. 98745476 for my Airtel fixed broad band line no 05224236963 reg on 6-8-18 , I was informed on 8-8 18 ,over telephone that my request has been resolved and the amount of Rs1887 remmitted by me on 22-7-18 has been returned to myAirtel wallet. I did not have an Airtel wallet but still when I created one I found my balance was NIL.Moreover my fixed line connection hasbeen suspendedfor the past many days and I receive an irritating message from tel no ############ that my connection is cut for non payment of dues Iam a senior citizen and all this is causing me a lot of tension. this is simply not in order. PLEASE arrange to either credit the paid amount of Rs1887 to m y broad band acc or send the money back to the Allahabad Bank Acc from which the payment was made R A NARAYAN

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