Airtel Internet 27gb

Hello sir,
I am using an Airtel number 9997389939 since last 9 years. Currently I am using a plan in which I got unlimited calls on home network and roaming incoming free calls and 2gb net+2gb net on my new handset+3gb net till 17december. I also made request to Port my number on 6th july and a call received by me from Airtel . They told me that 20gb net was given to u for next 3 months. My Airtel bill was generated as on 26th of every month. When I check my net balance the balance is 17gb but according to Airtel the balance should be 37gb(17gbcurrent+10gb previous month). For this I made a call to Airtel and they tell me that it would be sought out by Airtel within 2 days with reference no.78144207. There after I received a msg from Airtel on 31st July in which they says that you complaint was sought out and closed.After this I made another call to Airtel on 31st July and tell them the same problem. Then firstly they said that you got 32gb in this month and you used 30gb net in 5 days. Then I said that when I check the net balance by dailing your number i.e*121*114# it shows 17gb. After this they again said that your complaint was solved within 2days but till today thier is no response from Airtel. Kindly please help me and made me out of this.
Thanking you

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