Airtel Postpaid Frustrated with bill, customer car executive and the network

AIRTEL worst pathetic

I ported my card from Tata Docomo to Airtel as I never wanted to but still I have to as Tata Docomo was winding up.. I ported my card 3months back but when it was second months after porting to airtel I lost my phone as ask the customer care block my card but it was not blocked then I visited the nearest gallery and ask him to block the card and ask if the new card for the same number and I took the card the new one and I was going to travel for 10 days o next day as I don’t stay in Mumbai now but at that time when I lost my card I was in Mumbai and I took the card from Mumbai the next day it was Sunday but the card did not worked so I visited to that gallery it was closed I requested that customer care executive of the gallery on Saturday so much that I am travelling outside so please make sure that the card do works but he was least interested and he was busy with his phone and he gave me a wrong card because of that it was not working I knew this after calling the!
customer care executive and ask him that can you please make sure that my card is started so he said the card is not blocked so how it can be started so I said I visited on Saturday to the my nearest gallery and asked him to block it as I lost my card and I re confirm that gallery person that my card is blocked and he said that it would be blocked but he did not cared and because of that it was not blocked I ask him on Saturday it can you give me your number but he was behaving as I am giving him some line and you said no we can’t give an number I said it’s ok but make it sure that it is blocked and my new card started but still he was busy on his phone and said Ho Jayega jao and so I went but I was sure that my heart was saying right that my work is not done ok I thought maybe they would be some mistake and I ignored it and I have to travel without my card then after I came from my trip as I said I don’t stay in Mumbai I stay in Pune now so I returned to P! une I visited to the nearest gallery and took a new card on th!
e same number and then after an hour it good started so I thought thank God it’s started but when I saw the bill it was 500 so I asked the customer care that why it is so as I was not using this card from so many days but my bill is so much is there any other name of lesser amount so he said yes we do have of 299 so I said can you just shift from that amount to this amount so he said OK but he did not told me that it is excluded GST when again my bill came it was again around 500 so then again I call to the customer care and ask why my bill is so much but he did not said anything he said even though you did not use it you do get a bill I don’t ok but my amount is 299 so why so much so he said 299 + GST ok so it was around 60 to 70 rupees GST so it should be 360 or 370 but it is more than 400 so he said OK I will give you hundred rupees goodwill after a lot of argument. Then again on next month my bill was 500 so I called the customer care so she said the bill is !
not generated we can see in next two three days I said if the bill is not generated then how I got an amount of 500 so she said even though you can see it on My Airtel App next 2 days I said I don’t care I am not going to visit any any app you explain me how it is so she said I can’t help you I said OK thank you bye bye I had a little argument with her but unresolved argument then I visited next date to the nearest gallery from where I took the card so so I said three months and I want to get ported from postpaid to prepaid I paid two bill nd my third bill is outstanding so she said no you have not completed 3 months as you took the card last month so I said no I took the card from Mumbai my card was lost so I took from you last month and I have completed third month please take the outstanding and shifted to be paid so she said let me check check check the price and size and still she was saying that no it is not showing and you have not completed 3 months you ha! ve taken in last one so it’s only second month so I said no is som!
ething mistake in your side please check it and then she said ok but still I can’t put it to prepaid but why you want to take prepaid as I offer you 299 recharge I said it’s already going on so why I should take it again she said do you have to use it for one one onto money more should know in starting I was told that after 3 months you can shift to prepaid so what’s the issue now then she started saying know if you have taken the card from Mumbai to do from Mumbai we can’t help it sad sad I am so frustrated I think I should put it to some other card so the customer care was sitting over there they said fine if you are not satisfied go and shift to some other card before also I have face the same issue when I was having issue in starting the card I told the customer care on the phone that my card is not been started what is wrong with your side I am so frustrated that I am calling from 3 days should I go to some other card so he said do whatever you want!
your card is not yet started so I told him what this is not the way you should speak to the customer so he he disconnected my call … I feel so frustrated and sometimes feel to cry that what I am facing through because of a stupid card and why I have to pay so much and now they are not even shifting to prepaid so much issue please don’t take this card please don’t take this card you will to face the problem…
This is not just an issue many more issues in Airtel card they promised so much about the network even start is pathetic worst

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