Airtel Postpaid number Escalation: FAKE 4G – Need reimbursements

Hi Team,

This has been high time – Iâm not getting any updates on my request for unavailabliy of 4G network. I have escalated many times whereas no luck.

Iâm using this number since a year where as till date Iâm not getting 4G service and one side you are charging me FIX for your 4G network.
Iâm looking forward for my Payments which I have made you for your 4G for a year – Pleae note – if Iâm not getting any updates from your side then I have to approach consumer court for final resolution.
I discussed many times, got a lot of holding responses- fake words still no updates.
I need your intervention to close this concern on priority!!
Add on : when I opt this service Airtel representative advised on network availability whereas when I confirmed with IT – got to know there is NO 4G network at the moment!!!
I stay in metro city !! Thatâs a big tragedy for Airtel that they donât provide service in that rea as well – so canât think about Outside City area.
This had been already escalated to Nodal officer Mr Mohammad and he advised me that he is on it.
Iâm awaiting for your favourable reply on my outside reimbursement also on 4G network
7710023344 ( POSTPED USER)

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