Airtel Secure rejection of my handset damage claim

This is with respect to the Claim submitted by me on the subject issue with AIRTEL SECURE. On 27 Apr 2018, my handset slipped out of my hand accidentally and fell on the floor thereby causing damage to the screen and back panel. When I submitted a damage claim with the AIRTEL SECURE on the issue (Service Request No #3117718) I was intimated that my claim stands rejected on grounds of "IMPROPER HANDLING" and is not covered under the accidental clause of the insurance policy.
I fail to understand that if I am submitting that the handset slipped out of my hand accidentally then how can it be grouped under IMPROPER HANDLING. I pray if the company can inform their connotation of accident because as far as my knowledge of English goes, accidental slippage do falls under ACCIDENT only. hence please see to my request and solve it ASAP .otherwise i would take sever action for misleading and making false promises to customers.

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