AIRTEL TELECOM Regarding its recharge offer details

I have tried to port my sim. In this procedure, I have received a call from port team, they have given me some offers. I have received a message indicating unlimited calls and data( 1GB/day for 4G handset) valid for 84 days for just Rs.399 .
So, I did a recharge. Then I received a message showing that offer validity is for 54 days.
I have made a call to customer care to confirm why it’s showing so. They told that as it’s a port offer it will be updated within 48 hours but it’s only 70 days validity offer.
How can a Telecom could reduce the offer validity in such a way within a span of 1 hour, of receiving the message? They are saying that offer is only for 70 days , then why the message is showing 84 days.
How can be Airtel Telecom so irresponsible in providing clear details and cheat their users? As I received the message and I made a recharge within 24 hrs I should get the validity for 84 days.

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