airtelcaf No . of Forms

I started the work after deposit around Rs 5000/- ( first they call you and lies that you have to only deposit Rs 2100/- but after you deposit Rs 2100/- you have to paid extra Rs 2500/- to get the work).
They tell me that i have to fill minimum of 1000 form in 15 days. They provide me data of around 250 form and i complete the same with in 02-03 days and e-mail the same that i have completed the work and also provide me the work. But after continuously calling them they provide me the data after 02-03 days. After that they send me again about 650/- form and i have fill the form online and send the same mail with in 03-04 days.
After that i again repeatedly requested them to send me the data but no one from their side sought the problem. After that they provide me data of around 250 form and i complete my work in around 13 days (around 1100 form) and mail the same to them.
I also requested to them to update the server as my form are still showing in my login ID means they are not included in my work. I repeatably send them the mail and when my 15 days over they replied me though phone that you have not fill the 1000 form in 15 days and hence your contract with us is cancelled.
It is totally fraud company. If you need prove then ask them to give you in written that their is no hidden charge other than Rs 2100/- through e-mail. As you have to paid around Rs 5000/- to get the work

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