Alchemist Township India Limited Non payment of matured value of Fixed deposite and MIS principal amount and MIS monthly interest

I have invested the following amounts in your Alchemist Towmship India Ltd in Fixed deposite and MIS scheme out of that some one are matured even in year 2016 and some are after that. Neither I have got
Principal amout of matured MIS nor I am getting any monthly interest of Mis of non matured MIS since
November 2016.The details of matured Fixed Deposite/MIS and non matured are given below.
Sl no. Nature of investment COSTOMER ID NO. Amount Maturity amount Date of maturity 1. Fixed Deposite TC 00288673 52000 104000 11/10/2016
2. MIS Ty00004393 110000 110000 10/11/2016
3. MIS TX00000192 100000 100000 26/02/2017
4. MIS TY00009760 100000 100000 26/03/2017
5. MIS TX00000276 100000 100000 24/03/2017
6. MIS TY00011344 105000 105000 11/07/2017
7. MIS TXX0002485 50000 50000 20/07/2017
8. MIS TY00012916 105000 105000 16/11/2017
The following MIS are still running which interest are not received since November 2016. 9. MIS TX00001612 50000 50000 23/03/2018
10. MIS TX00005134 100000 100000 04/02/2019
11. MIS TX00003700 110000 110000 08/10/2018
12. Mis TX00005748 100000 100000 11/05/2019.

I have invested the above said amount in your local office at Chapra(Bihar) branch
though agent smti Mamata Devi wife of Shri Bivay Sharma.I have enquired to your
Chapra branch several time but they are unable to say anything regarding payment of amount.
Hence I request you to pay the amount to save me from mental agony. And financial hardships.
Yours faithfully
DIST; SARAN(Bihar) Pin:-841301. Mob 9473056061
[email protected]

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