Alchemist Township India Limited Non receipt of Dividend &Maturity amount

SUB:NON-RECEIPT OF DIVIDEND & MATURITY AMOUNT OF CUSTOMER ID -TYY0012211 , CUSTOMER ID:TLL0738612,CUSTOMER ID -TX00005063 & CUSTOMER ID: Mrs Shobhana Nidhi Rs 3,00,000.00 customer ID:TX00005062
I,Mani Bhushan prasad srivastava,invested Rs 3,30,000.00(customer id:48/TYY0012211) dated 04.09.2013(Maturity date 14.08.2016) and Rs 3,00,000.00(TX00005063) as MIS scheme dated 09.05.2016(maturity date 09.05.2019), CUSTOMER ID:TLL0738612 as Fixed deposit dated 01.09.2014 Rs 5,00,000.00 and also invested on my wife name Mrs Shobhana Nidhi Rs 3,00,000.00 customer ID:TX00005062 dated 09.05.2016 matutity date09.05.2019 in MIS scheme.
I have not received no single dividend in scheme customer ID:TX00005062 & cusptomer ID:TX00005063. In scheme customer ID : TYY0012211,I have not received for july-august 2016.
I am yet to receive the MIS amount and Maturity amount.Sir,I am 60 yrs old with cpmplications of cardiac and diabetic problems,I have two daughters studying in college,both are unmarried.I had accumulated all this money throughout my life,for the better education and marriage of my both daughters,also for me & wife livelhood.I believe you should understand my pain.I had personally went to the local office several times,but didnt get any answer from the local office,now they have shut down their office in patna.I have invested with a hope that my daughters education will be better and rest of my life will spent independently,now am very tensed about my family very much,its like a life threatening for me.In six months I will retire from my company.
Summarizing all,It is my sincere request to you and the Govt of India,to help me my entire money,for my daughters education and marriage.Kindly take cognizance of my matter seriously and sort out through consumer forum and legal channel.
Thanks & Regards,
Mani Bhushan Prasad Srivastava
Mob no:8292269582
mail id: [email protected]

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