Allahabad Bank Refund money for unnecessary debited from unsuccessful transaction through ATM

Dear sir,
My earnest request that, on 4th April 2018 at 11:32 AM I went SBI ATM for withdraw cash.For the first time when I put the amount and pin no for RS 5000 on ATM machine then it shows "Transaction timed out" then again I tried but it shows same "Transaction timed out".I was disappointed for my unsuccessful transaction,after waiting some time I leaved the place but after that I got a massage on my phone that RS 5000 debited from my account.I was shocked,how is it possible?I was complained my branch manager but there was nothing done.
so please refund me my money as soon as possible.I am eagerly waiting for your reply. Bank details are given below-
A/C no:22457838370
A/C Holder Name:Asoke Kumar Mandal
ATM Id:IFBN001506053
ATM card no:################

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