Anthony Greeno . Anthony Greeno is a conman!

Anthony Greeno is a fake. He has been arrested yet again and currently is rotting in the Morgan County jail. He said he is going to run for sheriff in the next election. It is disgusting because who in their right mind would elect a jailbird for their sheriff? He is selling shirts for his campaign for $15 each. Do not waste your money. He will not send you the shirt anyway. He can not be the sheriff because his criminal record is 50 miles long.
Anthony thinks he is going to solve the Delphi murders. He always wants to be known for something big. That is why he pretended to be a fireman, a Marine and a bounty hunter. Big bunch of crap. He has a mental problem. Let him sit in the jail so society does not have to put up with him. There will be a trial soon. Hopefully they will send him to the slammer for a long time!! He thinks he is such a popular guy, well he will be real popular with Big Bubba in prison.

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