Arul Groups, Arul Property Management Arul Groups – Fraud Company

Arul Group, is Fraud Company, dont give your property to this company. They will not pay you rent. Completely Cheating company. If you are going for Lease, that is all, you are out. You can not get your lease amount. Everyday people are coming and shouting in the company (ECR – Injambakkam office), but they shameless dont pay the amount. Fraud owner Arivu Nambi (Aadhar Number ############) will come only to get money from you, Then you can see or call never.

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  1. Arul Groups is a shameless company managed by a Fraud called Nambi. They take property for rent and give for lease. They do not pay rent to owners and dissappear. All employees in the company are Fraud. They work together to loot customers. Shameless people – Cholai, Nandhini, Geetha, Maheswari, Krishna, Nandhini, etc… A very low class company employing goons and criminals to manage daily operations.

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