Lequor illegal sell of Liquor

This is to bring to the knowledge of the higher police authority that unauthorized alcohol being sold openly at the Astodiya ( opp Big Bazzr Lane) kankaria, Ahmedabad district. This is being carried out by one family along with the local police. The family is notoriously famous for unauthorized activity and local police is involved with them. The local people are innocent and they don’t dare to complain to police against this as police is also involved with this activity. It is my sincere request to the authority of govt. of Gujarat to look in to this matter and punish the culprits. Please stop illegal sale of liquor in public place. This has severe implications on family life.

Naukri.com Misbehaviour by Naukri employee

I received a call from Naukri.com paid services and the line was transferred to Mr Rahul Singh (AM).
He guided me for the paid services of Rs 5050/- . I just asked for the guarantee of seeking a job after paying the amount. He raised his voice and said "apko apne uper confidence nahi hai" and many more words which is not acceptable from a manager level.
The behaviour has taken me into a dilemma that if I don’t pay the amount to naukri they will block my profile or make my profile invisible to the recruiters which will force me to take paid services else will not get any job from Naukri.com

adhaar biometric mismatch adhaar fingerprint not working

My adhaar fingerprint is not matching while getting Airtel sim, my sim has stopped working since 14th of june, 2017 and as my fingerprint is not matching I am not getting duplicate sim, this sim is linked to various bank accounts where i need OTP to do payment and also it is my one and only number for communication, I am from Kolkata currently living in Chennai, I am facing a lot of problem without my mobile no, please suggest me a suitable solution, I would like to mention that I have locked my biometric online and now can not even unlock it without my registered mobile no as OTP will come to that number only and Airtel is not issuing a duplicate sim without matching biometric as I am unable do payment as well as contact with my family, i need the the duplicate sim as soon as possible. please do the needful as soon as possible.

Sabari Bandyopadhyay

Idea telecommunication frequent deducting amount from talktime

Dear Sir,

I am the owner of SIM No.7787801792. I recharged my SIM on 11.06.2017 for Rs. 60/- which was unfortunately deducted from my account. Subsequently, I again recharged on 12.06.2017 for Rs. 60/- which was also deducted from my account without my permission. On contact over Customer Care, I was informed that amount shall be refunded only Rs. 60/-, but the earlier deducted amount could not be refund due to one and another reasons which is not satisfactory. Further, on 15.06.2017, a sum of Rs. 60/- was again deducted from my account without any information.
It is requested please look after the matter and refund my entire deducted amount at the earliest please unless I shall be compelled to knock to the appropriate door please.
with regards,

Mr. U.P. Singh

private societycase Harassment and destruction of property case against Ram Arora

I , HARGURJEET KAUR, 27, ( resident of GG-3/39,Vikaspuri ) , wants to complaint against RAM ARORA ( resident of GG-3/40, Vikaspuri ) for the disruption of mental peace of my family since 10 years. RAM ARORA has even threatened to KILL ME if I complained against him to higher authorities.

ROOT CAUSES: Mr.Ram Arora initially lived in GG-3/37 where he constructed his 4 rooms (in 2007) and then put them on rent as illegal shops . Then resident of GG-3/38 constructed their own rooms on the extended part above it which let us to extend our flat as well and we constructed one room and an open balcony above it. After all this, Mr. Ram Arora shifted to GG-3/40 (i.e the flat above ours ) and put his flat no.37 wholly on rent.
Since then he is forcing us to extend our left portion by harassing me (either by staring into my room or whistling at my back) and by damaging our property to drain off their dirty water into my room.


Mr. Ram Arora starts hammering his floor sharp early in the morning as well as late at nights which creates utter noise pollution and hinders our common routines. By hammering, he had dug a big hole in the center of his balcony area which led to the breakage of the point of fans on my room√Ęs ceiling. I USED TO STUDY AND SLEEP IN THAT ROOM. Through that hole he continuously stared and made rubbish sounds. Even tried to steal my belongings and so I had to empty that room. When I used to shout, he along with his wife used to throw all the garbage and dirty water (even ACID or URINE at times) through that hole constantly which made my room look like a garbage filled with filthy water which caused me serious diseases during my exam times.
When I informed the police and PRESIDENT of our welfare society, they took decision in Mr.Ram Arora’s favour as they made a vague reason that the construction of that roof is not proper causing no proper drainage system and asked us to built a proper drainage for them and we did this atleast 10 times for them.
The Arora family constantly ruptured that drainage system and kept on digging holes which led to heavy seepage subjecting to electrical accidents. Their tortures didn’t stop here as they also ruptured the walls of their own bathroom to make us suffer from the seepage in our bathroom, bathroom attached room and bathroom attached kitchen as well.
Once my younger brother got injured by the pieces of debris thrown while they were damaging our ceiling so we covered that first hole and mounted up a pipe through it that leads to the common sewage. Now he has dug SECOND hole that damaged the AC of my parent’s room and THIRD hole in my same room
The THIRD hole was done on 10 th june,2017 with an aim of robbery when I was out with my family for Gurpurab celebrations. When I came home and saw the hole then Mr. Ram arora was peeping at the same time and started whistling and giggling through it. Again after that he started throwing water through it. Same day I called POLICE 10 times and MR.RAJINDER SINGH A.S.I. came after 2 hours. He saw the matter in my house and went upstairs to talk to mr. Ram arora. After that he took both families to police station and asked me to write letter in hindi (and not accepting my english complaint letter) and didn’t give receiving for that. I called MR. RAJINDER SINGH A.S.I. on 11th june,2017 and he said we cant take any action as this is not working day. After this, no action has been taken yet and the nuisance is increasing day by day.

CONSEQUENCES: THIS IS AN ULTIMATE CASE OF HARASSMENT, ROBBERY AND CRIMINALLY DESTROYING PERSONAL PROPERTY OF SOMEONE and I am stunned that inspite of several complaints NO ACTION has been taken yet against this criminal Mr. Ram Arora .
As far as I know about laws, this is a matter of section 354(C) and section 425 against Ram Arora in which he must be sentenced to jail and I must get compensation for destruction of my property and stay orders on any further disruptions by ARORA family. If NO ACTION is taken on this, then whatever may happen to me or my family then mr Ram Arora and family along with DELHI POLICE and higher authorities will be held responsible for the same.

I am attaching few major complaint letters by my father(VARINDER SINGH) and me (out of several ones with POLICE STATION RECEIVING and no actions on it) along with this mail and photo of the destructed area .