FedEx Package stuck in customs

I have got some medicines for my daughter from US. It had reached Bangalore customs, 1 week back, but still such there. I have submitted all the documents, but it’s still stuck there. I am calling your customer care everyday… They promise me everyday to be closed in 24 hours, but it’s not getting cleared. I need these medicines urgently for my daughter. AWB no: ############

RBL bank Credit card Reversal of yearly membership fee

I have RBL Bank Platinum Maxima Credit Card which i used for a year by paying Rs 2000/- as a membership fee, it was approved on 6th December 2016, now it is my choice to use it further, i sent a mail to the customer care of rbl bank credit card on 10th November 2017 to close my credit card by paying almost all the dues on time. i did not received any reply or any acknowledgment from customer care, again i sent a mail on 13th December 2017 this time i received an acknowledgment of receipt of mail saying " We have forwarded your concerns to credit card team. You will be receiving reply from them shortly. " from Reshma Kanojia (Customer Correspondence Unit),on 22nd December RBL charged me Rs 2360/- as a membership fee without informing me if i want to continue this card, on 28th December 2017 i received a call from RBL Bank Credit Card department asking to upgrade my existing card, when i told i want to close my card she told me to call customer care, now as on 30th December i called customer care number and asked them to close my card and requested to reverse the unpaid due of Rs 2360/- which was membership fee including gst but they told they can`t do that so i am Registering a complaint here as i have full faith on you. I am attaching pdf copies mail.
Thanking you
Chetan Hasrajani

[email protected] Refund from [email protected] of Rs. 459

Payment deducted recharge not done
The amount Rs 459/- was debited from my account (SBI, done through BHIM app and collection request by [email protected]) on 28-Dec-2017 at around 4:42:47 pm but still now my Jio number was not recharged(and i have also confirmed this through operator) also the above amount is not refund.Please take necessary step to return my money.Its been a long delay.
UPI transaction ID is ############ UPI/############/[email protected] (i have also attached the transaction image) My VPA is [email protected]

kerala state civil supplies corp. ltd Wrong SMS about monthly ration quota/ Non issuance by ration shop

I have observed that the full quantity of monthly quota of grains displayed on the civil supplies SMS is not being distributed by the ration shop. When inquired the dealer told he doesn’t received such quota from supply office and the SMS is wrong. My card is white Card and the message was in malayalam that ration-12/17 for white card 5Kg Atta @Rs.15 and 2Kg Rice/Wheat. Where as I got 1Kg rice instead of 2Kg. I inquired at Kuttanadu supply office about the same at 12:30 Pm on 30/12/2017 at tele:04772702352 and the also given same reply about SMS and also stated 5Kg Atta will get from Jan2018 and only 1 Kg rice is authorized for 12/2017. If this is correct Why this wrong message is given to misguide people. Why don’t the authorities to take remedial actions to give true SMS or If the dealer or supply office is in fault please look into this matter seriously and take necessary measures against these corruption. I look forward to your positive feedback.

Brand factory outlet Overbilling by Brand factory outlet

Hi ,

I have visited brand factory outlet for buying kids dresses and selected 12+ items with 50% discount.
Later in billing they tried to do overcharging.after lot of discussion they agreed it is their mistake and they tried to correct it..
I believed them and when I reached home I found some items still charged more with 30% discount instead of 50% discount.
When I called them for my money return they are not accepting it..
My sincere request is to file a complaint against these fraud show rooms.
Invoice number: 020956
Bill number : 49658.
amount charged : 4796
Actual amount : 4565.