Lost my sbi 2018 clerks registration number and password is missing request for registration number sbi clerk junior associates


Iphone and american tourister bag Product not delivered,now he tell me some more money will pay for courior charge and insurence,then product will be delivered

Quickshopping4u is the company name.I bu a nokia phn from paytm,then above company employee call me and told me a if u buy a product from our company then he gift me a iphone and tv or jewellery,then i need a bag then i shopping a american tourister bag from this company,and paid many online.Then two days later he call me and told me a offer tv or iphone ,then he told me paid gst only 8400 for iphone,i paid this then he demand me insurence money for delivery this product..total paid for bag 999/ and gst charge for iphone 8400/ total 9399/please verify this and take a ligel action of this fraud compnay as soon as possible.

indraprastha gas ltd Ownership transfer and PNG Connection not yet started


I have raised request to transfer the ownership and start my IGL PNG connection since last 40 days. All the documents has already received at IGL’s end. But till date no action has been taken on this. I request you to please escalate this.
BP No – 6000024741


PG PORTAL india government site LPG subsidy issue

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Barinder Singh Negi and i have the India Oil Gas connection but from starting I’m not getting any subsidy. i have checked with gas agency as well as Bank. Gas agency is saying that aadhar number is not linked with your bank account but bank has confirmed in email that they have already linked my aadhar with my account.
Request you to look into this issue on priority as i’m chasing this from last 1 year.
Bank Account number: 31038658081 (DAV inter college Premnagar Dehradun) My aadhar no# ############
LPG No# 7103468689
SV No# 3468689

pantry car service High price

I miss Joyetri Chowdhury do hereby complain about the high price charging in 12346 Saraighat Express traveling from ghy to HWH, I took one mother dairy curd they were charging 30 rupees when where the price of the curd was written Mrp as rs. 25 when I protested in regards to this charging they said it’s the charge they take for keeping the material cool, what’s this type of nonsense please do take proper action in regard to this. I told u one of the instance which others are yet left.


Hii Sir,Mam
My name is Akash kumar Gupta. My Query is regarding new issue of duplicate marksheet of class12th.i have lost my original marksheet of class 12th. following are the details of class 12th marksheet as shown below……….. NAME -AKASH KUMAR GUPTA
ROLL NO- 5616409
As soon as possible my query and reply me on this mail id – [email protected] so that i come to our office for issuing new duplicate marksheet of class 12th.

MOB. NO -9971856537,8076980602
EMAIL [email protected]

Dog Catcher Too many stray dogs in GYH Premises

Dear Sir/Madam,

There are too many dangerous street dog in our premises GYH Enclave, Sector 07, Siddharth Vihar, Ghaziabad
It is unsafe for anybody to walk in the park and in premises.the dog runs after everybody who walks on the and has bitten many people. please help us as soon as possible.
I request the concerned authorities to take urgent actions and catch the dog to prevent any harm and damage.
Achal Mishra

H2/408, GYH Enclave
Ghaziabad (U.P)


Dear Sir/Madam/Sujata sinha
I smt K.Vijayanthimala wants to put few words for you kind consideration.Madam I Wish to cancel for Tower Installation for the following reasons.Madam I was told by Mr.Rithesh that my plot has been approved for Tower Installation and I was asked to pay Registration amount for Rs 14500 in the name of sujata sinha which I paid on 05/5/18 vide INDIAN OVERSEAS BANK (IOB)cheque no 467790 through RTGS .Next Mr Rithesh asked me to pay RS 25500 again in the name of Sujata Sinha for Bank declaration form and i paid on 08/05/18 IOB vide cheque no 467791.
A again Mr.Gopal asked me to pay government tax for amount Rs45600 which also i paid vide ( IOB) cheque no 467794 on 10/05/18 . Whenever he (Mr.Gopal)asked to pay money he alway says what he will credit 15 lakhs within 2 days in my account ,and the remaining amount of 15 lakhs after Tower Installation.He always said that the amount which i pay will be refunded .
Next Mr.Gopal asked me to pay Rs 73950 in the name sujata sinha for noc and I paid vide (IOB ) cheque no 467796 on 16/05/18 NoC .
Again Mr Gopal & Rithesh asked me to pay Rs 52275 in the name of sujata sinha ,that amount I paid through RTGS vide (IOB) cheque no 467797 on dt. 17/05/18. For Transport charges
Again Mr Gopal call me to pay for insurance amount Rs 28300 which I paid through RTGS vide (IOB) cheque no 467799 on 24/05/18 again he is telling he will deposit 15 lakhs by 4 o’clock .
Again he told me at what time he will start journey and inform me personally.He also told me that he will personally deposit the amount of 15lakhs in my (IOB) account.But he never called me and informed me .
On 26 /05/18 Mr. Rithesh called me in the morning that company’s car met with an accident at Secunderabad area . When I asked him which police station he fumbled for words and told me that he met with an accident at chanda area.
I asked him to send me copy with today headline paper of police station along with photo and also with FIR copy he sent me the (bike) photo not the person who met with an accident. I told him that where is the FIR copy again he asked me to talk to Mr. Gopal why should I speak to Mr.Gopal when I am not concerned.He should inform to the company about the accident not me.
Mr.Gopal called me and asked me to pay Rs 40000 to the police station why should I pay to police station I denied to pay the amount .
After 30 mins .Mr Gopal told the FIR copy(case) was not booked so he couldn’t send me FIR HERE only I got doubt on them that they are lying so I got no confidence on them nor on your company.
So I asked them to cancel my deal for Tower Installation and deposit whatever I amount I paid to be refunded into my Bank account with the following details.
Name: K.Vijayanthimala
Bank: Indian Overseas Bank
IFSC: IOBA0000623
Branch: Alwal
Hyderabad 500010
Telangana state

Now Mr Rishi kumar who is the boss also spoke to me and asked me to pay Rs 6500 he will refund the full amount whatever I paid Rs 240225.
Actually Mr.Gopal promised me that he will deposit the full amount of Rs 240225 (Two lakhs forty thousand two hundred and twentyfive) by 30/05/18 without fail.
Here Mr.Rishi kumar (Boss) said unless I pay Rs 6500 he will not release the amount Rs 240225 so I paid Rs 6500 (IOB) RTGS vide cheque no 467800 on 02/06/18 I called Mr.Gopal and informed him that I already paid and requested him to release the amount Rs 240225. He told me that he deposited DD 02/06/18 itself and I will receive by 4 ‘oclock .But I didn’t receive the amount he (gopal) called me and said that bank clerk was busy and only on Saturday they work for half day but gopal doesn’t know that bank will work for full day even on Saturday’s. Bank will have holidays only on second Saturday and 4 Saturday . Here also he told lies .
Bank clerk will do his duty after receiving DD .
He didn’t deposit the amount of DD here also telling lies.
On 04/06/18 Monday at 11.am he told me to deposit Rs 5000 to pay for Chaprasi who had done my work as (Bribe) .
Madam I want to ask you one question dont you pay salaries for your staff.Do your staff depend for everything by begging on customer’s money .Today Mr.Gopal want me to pay for chaprasi after paying to chaprasi tomorrow he will ask me to pay for scavenger who cleans your Toilet.Are your staff beggers. Why do you appoint such people to run your company ?Every now and then they are begging and sucking the blood of the customers .
Please remove such people from your company and your company will get bad impression and bad name .
One suggestion frist of all they should have informed me that this much amount (total sum ) will be required for tower installation. If customer’s are willing for the required amount then they will come forward if not will they will not come forward .Mr.Gopal asked me For TA/DA( Boarding and Lodging) will the company does not bear any expenses for the staff Mr.Gopal has also asked me to pay for stay in Hotel and daily expenses why should customer should pay when they are working for your company don’t you pay salaries for the staff for the work to be done . It’s really disgusting .
Note: I don’t know, To wash his bum also he may ask money from the customer I don’t know, How much he will charge.? Please arrange to deposit the whatever amount I have deposited . I shall be very grateful to you madam.
As I deposited all amount on your Name on advice of Mr.Gopal & Ritesh Name: Sujata sinha
Bank: Punjab National Bank
A/c: ################
IFSC: PUNB0089600
Name: K.Vijayanthimala
Bank: Indian Overseas Bank
IFSC: IOBA0000623
Branch: Alwal
Hyderabad 500010
Telangana state

Note: Amount paid
1. 14500
2. 25500
3. 45600
4. 73950
5. 52275
6. 28300
7. 6500
Please deposit through RTGS not DD I think you got it

Dear Sir / Madam
What happened I did not receive any mail from you what work are you doing ?Mr Gopal you have promised to pay me the amount on 30 May what is today’s date 7th june 2018.I also paid 6500 what else you want more. Well your company doesn’t pay you salary? what work you are supposed to do why does it’s having delay why are you not sending through RTGS why your company is keeping you on job for what purpose? what is your job and what is your role and responsibility for the company when you are taking the salary for that salary sake you have to work? Give me the phone number of your higher officials I want Sujatha Sinha Phone number and also your boss Rishi Kumar his phone number he too promise me that he will release the amount till today what happened today is 7th June 2018 when are you going to credit the amount in my bank account I am waiting for your feedback I want feedback from you I want reply from you I want your phone numbers of Sujatha Sinha and also Ri!
shi Kumar I want the confirmation from your head office and also I want official letter of your company not from your side India infratel I want to speak to highest Boss like CEO who is your CEO of I want his /her phone number also . You are not doing me a favour and your company it is your job what your salary is paying for you .Do justice for it