Marigold CHS Leakage issue for last 14 years

I’m a resident of Marigold Cooperative Housing Society (Behind Mangatram Petrol Pump, Bhandup, Mumbai 400078). I have been residing here since Dec 2002. Every rainy season we face huge leakage issue. Initially the Builder was supposed to take care of the issue but since the time the society was formed they took responsibility of all the society issues.
Every year i have been complaining of the leakage issue due to which me and my family have been suffering financially, physically and mentally. The main reason (as per a esteemed contractor Mr. Rege) was the mobile phone tower that was placed on my terrace. My society has made a good income by having this mobile tower in our society but they have failed to compensate those who have suffered the consequences. I and my family have suffered for 14 years now (a whole life sentence) and would like to take some action against the society so that they are sensitized towards my issue. They have to resolve the leakage issue and also fix my flat which looks more like a slum house due to the continuous leakages. I have paid all my maintenance’s on time but I’ve not got the services that were associated with the maintenance.
Its time I get compensated for all the years of suffering (Financial, Health, Medical and mental) that me and my family have gone through.