kangaroo kids Online classes for kg and senior kg students

This is to inform you that there are many private schools in Mumbai (Maharashtra) which are taking online classes and charging almost full fees or just have deducted 10% of it.

Please note that as per the rules and guidelines issued by Maharashtra Government no classes should be held under classes 2 but that is not the case, infact almost all schools are taking online classes for kg and senior kg students. One of the schools is Kangaroo Kids which is located in Almeida Road in Bandra West (Mumbai), Maharashtra.

I had previously complained the same to our Honourable CM – Uddhav Thackrey on 6/6/2020 but unfortunately there is not any strict action against these private schools.

Therefore, i request the government to issue notices to all these private schools to stop immediately these online classes for kg and senior kg students as it becomes a mental pressure on students as well as parents.

The parents have to sit with their children till the classes are over and moreover the school is charging high fees inorder to cover up their operating expenses. Why do parents need to pay such high fees even though their children are not going to school infact the fees should be reduced by 50% or the school should not be charging parents unless the school resumes its physical operations.

Its a big humble request from all the parents to please support us in this pandemic and do the needful at the earliest.

Thanking you

Eicher motors Misconduct / theft by authorised service center

Dear Sir / Madam,

Myself Kana Ram Jat S/o Shri Bodu Ram Jat, resident of Nagaur, Rajasthan. Since 1997 i am in transport business. From day first i was using TATA brand commercial vehicles in my business. In year 2018 i bought my first EICHER Multi Axle Trailer (No.- RJ37 GB 4881) and after seeing positive response of the segment, in year 2019 i bought one more EICHER Multi Axle Trailer (No. – RJ01 GC 4881) . I am true believer of this brand after TATA and slowly trying to move fully in EICHER brand and intent to buy two more trailers. For that i have already submitted loan approval application in bank for two more new trailers. But unfortunately due to COVID-19 incident my plans are getting delayed.

Sir / Madam, unfortunately in March, 2020 one of my trailer no. – RJ01 GC 4881 got accident at Firojpur, Punjab. Immediately i reported about it to authorised service centre – Mumal Motors, Ajmer and Insurance company – United India Insurance. After finishing survey by insurance company and as per Mumal motor’s instructions, i brought the vehicle (accidental) at service centre, Ajmer.

After long discussion and survey, insurance company agreed on clean cabin claim and passed the claim. In second week of June, 2020 new cabin installed on my vehicle and when i visited on 22nd June, 2020 the service centre staff were removing the whole original wirings from new cabin which recently installed, radiator was damaged and cabin was damaged at foot-stands. I immediately took few pictures in my mobile phone and asked them why they removed new wiring from new cabin and how this cabin and radiator got damaged ? When staff members noticed my presence there than suddenly started behaving very rude. I was shocked on their behaviour. I never faced this kind of rude behaviour. They made me very disappointed. It was unexpected from the brand like EICHER.

Sir / madam, i am a common man and spent hard earned money on your trailer. Around 30 lakhs is not a normal amount for a person like me. Due to covid-19 business is on hold mode and still i am paying bank’s instalment from past 4 months without any business revenue. How should i feel on the behaviour of a reputed brand’s staff members ? What was my fault ?

As per staff members behaviour only two possibilities comes in mind. Either EICHER is supplying defective material in insurance claims or the authorised service centre is cheating with customers. For me first possibility is unbelievable but behaviour of staff-members making me to believe on second possibility.

Sir / Madam, i am deeply disappointed with this incident and after all this episode, it is very hard to trust on this brand. If the staff-members can change new costly wiring without consent or information to vehicle owner than they can do anything (we call it theft / cheating). People trust on the brand not on this kind of staff members. I am enclosing the same pictures in this mail and requesting to you to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

Regard –

K. R. Jajara

+91 9829078896


Respected Sir / Madam,

Due to Pandemic situation MAKAUT have decided to clear the final semester examination as per West bengal government rules, you are clearing or giving grace marks to the backlog papers of EVEN SEMESTER. Why don’t you give clearance / grace marks to the backlog papers of ODD SEMESTER students because this is final year. Why you people are discriminating among ODD semester backlog and Even Semester backlog in this pandemic situation. THIS IS NOT JUSTIFIED AT ALL.

India Post Item not delivered for EN412636197IN

I have put a speed post from Hyderabad to ellenabad, haryana. It had reached to rohtak NSH and still is not delivered. Please deliver it to ellenabad. those are very important.
it has to be reached within 4-5 days. but still not delivered. it has reached delhi on 19-06-2020.
A/u/r closed to Rohtak NSH in EBN1018995123, including in TB-EBN1019020252 to delhi APTMO, TB bag entered at sl.no11/19 with wt 5/27 kgs d/t to delhi by APTMO Shamshabad/1 dtd 18.06.20,AWB is 775-76271300