Kanak baby dieper not collected by garbage man

Myself atul bhujade from ramteke nagar, nagpur, the personal from kanak resources was refussing to collect baby dieper, so then I had called the toll free number & talked with MR. SANDIP DHOMNE, he told me that dieper is hazardous material & it will have to destroy by your side or you have to pay for that………So please give me the list what kind of garbage will be collect by kanak & what will be the cost of garbage which will not collect by them.

Noida Authority Encroachments in Sector 29

Two days back for some personal reason, I visited Bramhaputra Apartments, Sector 29, Noida. I was really shocked when I saw that the owner of Flat No. 1753 was renovating his flat and they encroached upon common land (public land) atleast 5 feet on front side and 8-10 feet on back side. They have raised a boundary walls on both sides, creating more problems for parking. This is an illegal act that being a responsible citizen I thought of bringing to the notice of Noida Authority so that some timely action may be taken by your office before it turns to be a permanent structure.
Due to no action by the Authority, it has become a routine practice of people to encroach upon public land and causing inconvenience to other citizens. Already a lot of common area of the apartment has been encroached by may flat owners staying on Ground floor causing a big problem for parking, despite having ample open space. I am sure that some of the neighbours staying there must be facing problems with these illegal encroachments but just to avoid conflict with their neighbours they are not be in a position to complain about the same.
I therefore, being a responsible citizen, request Noida Authority to look into this particular case and take some immediate action to stop this illegal encroachment well in time.
Y.K. Kalra

Amazon.in Broken Product No refund or Replacement

I ordered himalya face wash which is delivered with the broken pump and when I asked them to change it . Their customer service replied via email that refund/replacement cannot be processed.
Their is always problems with their packing and delivery. Please be very careful from buying products. from Amazon.in I am feeling cheated from Amazon.

Tata Tiago Engine Noisy and more vibrant in Tata Tiago XZ(Petrol)

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am from Chennai, that I purchased on 31st Oct 2016 from Concorde motors Velachery branch.
After 1st service competed, i am facing engine noise and more vibrant issues, I went Concorde service in Ambattur(Chennai) and they solved the engine noise, but again after few days facing same issue and i went same service centre more then 2 to 3 times.

Still I have facing issue, temporarily they resolved problem, but i need permanent solution. i worried about the noise and wont like to drive with noise.
So tell me what i have to do?

Contact [email protected]


Fastrack Watch fastrack watch is not working


I purchased a fastrack watch in fastrack show room at SR Nagar, Hyderabad. They gave me 1 year warranty. but the sad part is within 1 month my watch is stopped working, actually i went to the fastrack shop after 1 month so they said like if your watch really stopped working means you will come that time only but you came late and we are not responsible for that watch issue any how you have warranty so you go to the titan showroom which is affiliated to this shop and do repair. so i went to the titan showroom, they repaired and told me some issue.
Again after 1 month watch is not working, again i went to the fastrack shop i asked this is not first time do repair 100 % or you give replacement and they said "mam.. this watch is not from our store , i think you purchased this watch from other store" i felt like what the hell is this.. i spent money on it and they gave warranty and they are behaving like this.. i think fastrack is a only brand which is not working within 1 month with warranty card.. LOL
kindly take my complaint and resolve this issue or else contact me through email or phone number([email protected])