PAYBACK Ordered item not delivered even after 10 days

I had ordered one item from my payback account and on checking status get to knew that the item was delivered in 10 days from the date of order.
And when item was not delivered even after 10 days then i had complained to customer care for that. I got surprised after listening their response. Their executive again demanding next 10 days to resolve the issue.
Now tell me.Firstly
Now a days, Can you believe 10 days to deliver a item from any where in India? When it is showing In stock while ordering.
Secondly When after lodging a complain. Is anyone able to tolerate response in next 10 days.
This is the first time I had ordered anything on payback and experience i got is worst.
Praveen Mangla

EESL Street light Non functioning street light

Our Complaint no SLDL00009420.

Above complaint was lodged with your helpline on 24/06/2017. Your linesman came and repaired 3 lights which had connection issues at the ground level. Regarding rest of the lights he informed that he is not having any ladder or wire and hence cannot repair rest of the lights. Till today rest of the lights for which complaint was made have not been repaired inspite of giving feed back on your Udaipur help line number of times. The street lights fixed on our apartments have hardly ever worked for 15 days at a stretch. The lines man who come for repair often do not have proper tools / implements / spares and only do some "Jugar" repair which lasts for few days. There are numerous wire joints hanging from every pole and a light breeze causes disruption. Indeed it is a pathetic state of affairs which taxpayers have to suffer.. There is no supervision or complete lack of it in EESL over its ground level staff or position of complaints.. Such is the state of affairs th!
at EESL does not even have any escalation matrix with name address / phone no or email addresses of senior officers for escalating complaints.
Can we expect any remedial action from you?

Genera Secretary (M-9654400235)
RWA, Deshbandhu Apartments
New Delhi 110019

Daikin 1.5 TR inverter AC not working since 30 June inspite of being in warranty and poor response by service station UNIQUE COOL POINT

I purchased an Diakin 1.5 TR inverter Air conditioner from weather maker A-8 Barola Sec 49 noida Diakin dealer 20/12/2016. In April 2017 when I set.ched on the AC for first time, the AC refused to cool. The dealer found the outdoor unit defective and replaced the same. The AC worked but then suddenly in the night of 30 June 2017, it stopped cooling. Complaint was made and registered vide 11144245 dated01/07/2017.
Since then the service engineer has visited thrice. Once on 01jul., and then on 03 jul and 05 Jul. Initially I was told that the PCB of outdoor unit seems defective. On the next visit I was told it is the PCB of the indoor unit which seems to be defective. And on 05 July I was told that the compressor seems defective. It is since 7 days have passed but there is no news from Diakin. The excuses give are , implementation of GST and non availability of Parts.
I was given 2 numbers by the Diakin complaints cell. They are 9911633351 and 01204259030. Most of the times the mobile number is switched off. The land line number keeps ringing but nobody picks it up. I have spoken to Mr Navneet once but there after there is no way one can contact him. I also spoke to the complaint cell in charge Ms Nisha but with no great result. In fact most of the times I am told she is on the other line and will call back. Maybe reluctant to talk.
Sir , the response from Unique Cool Point is extremely poor. We are senior citizens and suffering in this heat. Can someone please help and expedite the repairs/ replacement. I didn’t know that the Japanese companies have this work culture. Never again shall I buy a Diakin product. Others can buy at their own peril.

Chennai Municipal Corporation platform shops

Dear Sir / madam,

I am a resident of this area, there is no footpath for public to walk, everything is been completely occupied by the shop keepers, iron shops, etc., public has been forced to walk on the road because of this, last month 2 kids meet with an acident when a 2 wheeler person hit them, even an ambulance came to take those kids, whenever the corporation people comes to remove the shop, the vendors pretents and clears it however once you people leave the area, they keep the shops in platform.
Its an humble request to look into it, we need safty for kids when they walk on road.
Looking for permanent solution, thanks in advance.

chennai city traffic Traffic Signal – Not working – Ethiraj Salai – Chennai

The traffic signal that is placed for the vehicles coming from Ethiraj Salai, travelling towards Mount Road is not working. There are 2 signals for this route, one is placed near the police booth and another one straight opposite, which is the useful one as most vehicles crossing police booth will not be able to see the police booth signal. Lot of confusions due to this. People seeing the green signal move ahead but by that time signal is changed to red which is not so visible, had to stop in-between the road. Please take corrective action to repair the signal lights for smooth traffic.

DAIKIN AIR CONDITIONING INDIA PVT LTD Daikin – Poor Response.. No support from Customer support/service Center.

This is very sorry to inform you that I am disappointed with the response from the service center and customer care.
I bought two split AC in the month of April’2017. Unfortunately, one having a cooling issue. I booked so many complaints about the same, few are attended by your service engineer and few are un-attended.
I don’t know how you people left a complaint without a solution. Even after many follow-ups with your local service support (mobile no given in SMS after call logged). But no buddy took it seriously even attended.
4-5 times your service engineer visited the location and every time purposed a new solution and saying tomorrow we will address it.
Last evening one person came and said we will check it some another day in sunlight or temperature will high. What is the meaning of this ???????????? I seriously feel I did a big mistake to go with Daikin…
I believe Daikin don’t need the customer like us. if this is the case please ask your team to take the machine and don’t want any replacement for it.
I will go with someone who cares their brand value and respect the customer concern.
Customer ID:11195619.

Life business projects pvt. ltd. Fraud by the company

The company offered me placement in 2008 through campus selection in our college DIET Karnal as some post of ERP and package approx 3Lacs (don’t remember exactly) , and i was asked to send a DD of Rs. 80000 in favor of the company. But when i completed my engineering and tried to contact the company, there was no answer, we visited even the location address but there was on company in the name of Life Business Projects Pvt. Ltd. This fraud company has cheated many students, owner should be put behind the bars.