Bharat Gas Non Delivery of Gas Cylinder


I have booked my gas on 2Dec2018 but till date I have not received the gas. Today delivery boy has arrived but without slip and also not sure if cylinder was completely filled. My second cylinder is about to finish, kindly take action against this delay. My details are mentioned below.
Consumer Number – 36277
Booking Number – 67712
Gas Agency Dealer – Satish & Co.


BEST Bus Driving Rash nd Abusing

I was driving my bike on one side Softly and a Bus driver tried dashing me then I let him go ahead then I stopped my bike at a side and then he started shouting me for no reason.Then he started the bUs and again tried to smash me. My foot just missed to smash under the tyre. So I went forward and asked him what is ur Problem he started abusing me and he told me ”Gand mei Bamboo daalega" idhar se jaa warna dekh tuu….as I saw passengers nd the road is facing problem I let go things but I wanna punish him for this harrassment he has done pls do something Bus Reg No is MH01LA6525

Traffic Violation Traffic violation/Using of mobile while driving

Vehicle Number :- HR 36 U 7099.
Make & Model :- Maruti Suzuki Swift(White)

The person was using mobile while driving and effecting thee people behind him as running slower and creating traffic on the main road of SEC-31 HUDA MARKET, GURGAON,HARYANA (122003).
I tried aware him for the same but instead he commented " Karengey hum to phone use".
The incident took place at around 2:00 P.M.

Kindly, take a strict action for the same.

traffic rules violation Road Safety Issue/Using of Mobile phone while driving

Vehicle Number :- HR 36 U 7099
Model and make :- Maruti Suzuki Swift

The person was using phone while driving the vehicle around the main road of SEC-31 HUDA MARKET,GURGAON HARYANA(122003).
I tried once to stop and aware the person for the same but instead he refused and said "Karengey Bhai Humm toh Use".
Kindly, take a strict action on the same as there were a bunch of people got effected by the same.

Addl Dte Gen of APS, PLI Cell, PIN-908716, c/o 56 APO Policy no APS-1196890-L is not updated I deposited last premium from may 2017 to apr 2018 at 1624 FPO AT JABALPUR (MP) Rs=9485/= dt on 17/08/2017.

Sir pl update my policy no APS-1196890-L I last deposited dt as on 17/08/2017 wef may 2017 to apr 2018 .But policy is not updated.
This policy is update on PLI system upto dt may2016 to apr do update.and intimate to me for further deposit to premium. Thanks.

flipcart LECO M 3 smart fitness band

My Order ID is OD114113940421708000
I have ordered a LECO M3 smart fitness band from flip cart but we have not liked the product. We want the refund for the same as we are going to purchase new one from the MI store.
Please refund the amount immediately or else I will write a complaint in consumer forum. The Customer care staff is not at all helpful.

complaint against private school running in private residential area Complaint regarding primary school in residential area

We live in a small township Sawaimadhopur in Rajasthan.The neighbour just next to our house has opened primary school,we have been requesting the owner to provide a solution because we are having all day nuisances and kids are throwing all trash in our house. My parents are senior citizen and this type of nuisance is unbearable for them.As we all siblings don’t stay with parent’s due to job and studies. I’d request you to investigate the things and take a strong action against it.

MP Scholarship Portal Anwanted application forme locked.

My aplication forme was locked itself.. And don’t have application number and verification code for unlocking the application form. Please send me the unlock codes or way of unlocking the application so that i can fill the scholarship form.
My usse id 3203928
Rgisterd mobile no. 7389389943