amrut gas agency booking complaint

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i book my Hp Gas Cylinder on phone booking 13th September 2019,But i have not receive Gas Cylinder stile pls give proper answer "why not deliver my Gas Cylinder within 1 or 2 days ?"

some time i do book my Gas Cylinder with online HP Gas Application and get pay advance payment,but Amrut Gas Agency devilry boy ask to me "if you book online Gas Cylinder,so not deliver 1 or 2 days,pls wait,we will give Gas Cylinder 5 to 6 days",and its not proper answer.

its my very bed experience for Amrut Gas Agency-Silvassa,Dadra nagar haveli.


Distributor’s Name-Amrut Gas Agency,Silvassa-Dadra Nagar haveli

Distributor’s Code-19656400

Consumer No-671309

Consumer’s Name-Jaykumar Navinchandra Trivedi



Dhiksha Charitable Trust is a fraud organization. We had developed and designed their website but they refused to make our payment and now they respond so rudely which is absured. Don’t fall prey to their appeal for donation as they are cheaters. This is a bunch of mean people. Anyone can claim my charge against them with their Founder Chairman Mr. Ashok Kumar
His contact numbers are 8482235735/9448434735
E-mail : [email protected]

Registration Number : 06/2003-04 on 05.05-2003

Mrs. Asha Prakash Vedi (fraud associate of Dhiksha who sometimes claims to be an employee and sometimes investor or partner) Her contact numbers are 9981517148 / 7999481722

Address : 15-a-343, Ganesh Nagar, Bidar Karnatka-585403

Ajay R Qnet Fraud

Hello All, this is a sad story of me with Qnet it all stared when one of my friend called me up and said he is working on a e commerce business and he is earning good. he was my ex IT company friend who i believed as my own brother but he cheated me an amount of 4 lakh Rs. which i had to take loan and now i am paying EMI for it.

i want to give there location details where they operate in bangalore. HSR layout where they do there training session on sat and sunday. rest the upline will do the training in there respective houses. they always say there are in UAE living a great life which they have dreamt off. all bull shit they will use all high-fi language and show care they have many cars like , BMW, benz , lamborgini etc etc . location Bangalore HSR layout.
location bangalore bellendure JW marriote hotel you can find almost all of them.

Mainly these people are from Hyderabad they come here to cheat people. they will take you to events like Vcon you can meet the great leaders and achievers etc etc. they will brain wash you completely and once u enroll for it you for a month they will give golies stating they are on vaction and wont be available till 20 to 25 days . we will explain what is the business all about.
by the time you know its a pyramid scheme or ponzy scheme. when you ask for refund they will say you drop an email to qnet support and wait for the respone. they will later say you have crossed the refund period u cannot get the refund you need to continue on the business .

Note: my life has become hell every month when u pay EMI for it i feel like hitting my self with my own shoes for making such a big mistake. mu hard earned money.

so people pls do not fall for this kind of scam be aware if any one calls, pings in linked in sating they have business opportunity.