Y-AXIS Overseas Careers Client Harassment, No Service/Support provided, Unresponsive &Unprofessional

I am Itrat Zaidi officially registered with Y-Axis Hyderabad on 3rd Aug, 2018 paying amount of 83,117 in total. Stage 1
Initially my consultant was (Syed Najeeb) who made several calls and made false assurance of the service and the process which would be completed in around 8 months period and also made false statements of the reference letter to be provided on A4 size paper instead of company’s letter head to be accepted for the PR process I enrolled for. After all the counseling and calls for immediate enrollments and considering Y-Axis to be a renowned organization I enrolled and ever since haven’t received a call or email from (Syed Najeeb) to know the whereabouts of my case, who initially confirmed/assured providing assistance till the end of the process. With all the relevant data and credentials submitted to Yaxis for the assessment, as per the Evaluation Report sent on 20th July 2018 my husband’s & my score never qualified for express entry cut off since the inception. However Yaxis inspite of being aware of this fact convinced and persuaded us to enroll for express entry !
(several calls were made by Najeeb asking us to enroll ASAP as a discount will be provided to us). When we were not qualifying as per the minimum score for express entry ITA criteria why were we eluded and constantly convinced to enroll for express entry. Stage 2
After registration/enrollment, my case was assigned to consultant (Mohammed Shaheed) who was not being responsive & not available to resolve my queries. He never bothered to revert to my calls or emails until several reminders. This concern was raised on 23th Aug 2018 through escalation email to the team lead (Moumita Biswas) who did not bother to reply to the email or provide any support or resolve the issue. I somehow managed to completed my ECS through WES after several calls and emails to the consultant asking(begging) for guidance and taking guidance from friends even after hiring a consultant Yaxis. Stage 3
However I managed with the lousy service and no guidance and support, with no followup calls or emails from the consultant (Mohammed Shaheed) for almost 2 months, all of a sudden one day my consultant was changed to (Misbah Abdul Waheed ) without prior intimation on 26th Nov 2018. I was completely lost in the process from the beginning as Yaxis didn’t provide the support they assured before registration. After 6 months when I have got all my scores in place (completed ECA+IELTS) to calculate my CRS score for my profile to be created for Canada PR process I have being told by Y-axis that the reference letter for my Noc code needs to be provided on company’s letterhead and my scores are low and I need to write IELTS again . However I have raised my concern in this regard and written several emails asking for resolution as I was not eligible for the process from the beginning and I have been misguided & eluded since then. It is also a shame to mention the unprofessiona!
l behavior of the designated Team lead (Moumita Biswas) of Yaxis who is assigned my case but she has not bothered to even respond to my emails since 7th Feb 2019. Nor has she shared the senior management details who could resolve my issue. I have not received the escalation hericary details nor the reporting manager details of level up are shared with me after several requests and emails. Please refer emails with no acknowledgment received.
This is a very frustrating and I am going through mental harassment as a client after registration with Yaxis. I stand nowhere with my process after 6 months of payment and no service provided till date. The unresponsive and unprofessional behavior of Y-axis team is not only disturbing but also causing mental harassment to the client who has been ill-treated after enrollment with high hopes and false assurance and promises of the services to be provided.

Dinakaran Gunasekaran, B.e In Ece 3rd Year 2020 Pass Out From Saranathan College Of Engineering Most dangerous Criminal – Fraud – Job Killer – Black listed – Dinakaran Gunasekaran, B.e In Ece 3rd Year 2020 Pass Out

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Redmi Note 6 pro Mobile phone

redmi note 6pro
I got a call from teleshopping today from this no +918826138336.She told me that i won a redmi note 6 pro on a lucky mobile number. she took my address details.asked me rs.4200+ for cash on delivery and collect the parcel from post office which will be delivered within 6 to 10 days.
After that I have searched online and get information that this was the fake call from tele shoping. Be aware about this fraud. I will not go to collect the parcel.


It has been 11 days since I paid and registered for act WiFi 6 month plan. WiFi still hasn’t been installed in my building.

First, sales people promised me 3 days Installation time and I bought it. Then customer care people told me it’s maximum 7 days. I have waited.

Everyday I call customer care and they promise me by end of day it will be done. And in evening when I call to ask why it’s not been done, they say that by next day it will be done. Now they have started putting me on hold and hanging up on me.

Today customer care tells me my owner has issues with WiFi installation in building but I have asked my owner and he’s completely fine with it. He has no objections. Even if this was the case, why did they make me wait for 11 days to tell me this? Also, isn’t the act team responsible to inform me if there is some blocker on my end so that I can act on the same?

I am tired of false promises, new excuses, calling customer service everyday twice and delay in installation. I have tried reaching the nodal officer but the number seems to be busy always. I can’t even convey to you how unprofessional the customer service has been.

Please help me get some resolution. At least arrange a callback for me. Soumya
Account no. ############

Police report sent to commissioner of Police for review Police report sent to commissioner of Police for review

Dear Sir / Madam,

The pre-verification check for issue of my passport was completed by Koparkhairane Police Station on 07 Feb 2019 and police report has been submitted and sent to Commissioner Of Police, District Navi Mumbai for review.
The file number is BO4073253787819

The status on application status tracker is showing same from last 8 days – "Police report has been submitted by Koparkhairane Police Station, Navi Mumbai and sent to Commissioner Of Police, District Navi Mumbai for review.."
I humbly request you to please review the same at the earliest & do let me know if anything is required from my end.
Thanking You
Yours Faithfully
Rajkumar Bastawade