ITI Covering footpath and running fruit shop on footpth

Respected Sir /madam
Now as the supreme court order has come and it’s now next to impossible to cover the footpath and work on it
Why till now no.action is being taken against the fruit shop sitauted on the footpath of iti,when they don’t have any teh bazari slip or any authorisation , electricity they are taking by false means from iti
Capturing the entire footpath and buying houses in Malviya Nagar ,are the supreme court orders not including them are these two fruit sellers above the authorities .kindly look into the matter

HITATCHI 1.5 ton Window air conditioner Ridiculous service by Hitachi

Window Aircon 1.5 Ton

Bought on 24/March/2015
From, Bakshi Television Co.
Pahar Ganj, New Delhi
Registered Mob. No. – 94128*8*7*

1. Unit bought started giving trouble right after few days of operation. 2. Several compaints were made and finally it was actioned.
3. Replacement was done on 12/June/2015 order no.# 1501951
4. Now the trouble started again this year, issue reported is about getting ice accumulation at the front grill and stop cooling.
5. First complaint on 28/May/2019, it was diagnosed that unit require service hence it was done and i was charged Rs.500/- + Rs.750/- = Rs.1250/-
6. Second complaint on 29/May/2019, issue still persisted hence again a complaint was done. Engineer came and did something, not sure what. But i was told that nothing is wrong with the unit. 7. Ran better after this.
8. Again issue popped up, made a complaint. Engineer visited on 25/June/2019, he looked at it and said NO issue with th unit. 9. Same issue again happened , hence reported a complaint again on 10/Sep/2019.
10. Engineer came and diagnosed, after investigation, that Gas is leaked ! He charged Rs.500/- for th visit and assured me that another engineer will come next day.
11. No one turned up entire day, after multiple follow-ups and calls finally another engineer turned up (late evening on 13/Sep/2019).
12. This time diagnosed that there is no problem with GAS i.e. it is adequate ! But the issue is with the electric panle and need to be changed !
13. Finally the panel was replaced yesterday, but the same issue reappeared in the night. Now the customer care is not accepting the request and not generating any complaint no.

We are tired of their service.

Pathrakarthara Bhavana Hassan asking money to publish Ph.D notification

Dear Sir/Madam,

with reference to above, i went to pathrakarthara bhavana Hassan for submitting my Ph.D notification, in order to take the notification for the distribution of papers he is asking 350 rs. i request you kindly take the necessary action for the same

Sharp AC Sharp AC Service Scam

I searched online for Sharp customer care number and found this number – 7348810061 and I registered a complaint for AC issue.

Below is the message I got for complaint raised

"Hi Vikram Complaint number for SHC280820 Sharp AC repair Service will be provided With in Working 24 hours. Technician name and contact number is Mr. Rajesh 8124444236. Visiting Charges is Rs.400-. For any information call +91-8861637121."

I received a call from +91 9360211909 to get the route. He already had my registered address for Sharp AC. They visited my home on the next day 29th August 2019 around 4:30 PM IST. They took a look at my AC and told me that there is a problem with the board and that the part has to be sent to Hyderabad for repair. He said it would take 3-4 days to get it replaced. I told him that it was month end and therefore can’t pay the money. I called him again on September 4th.

They came to take the board on September 5th and he asked me to transfer 7500 Rs for changing the board on September, 5th which I did. The account details were of Basha Basheer, phone number 91768 56574.

I asked for the bill for which he said that he will send it to me online. He said that they do not have an offline bill and that he would send it online. I have not received the bill yet.

I waited till Monday 9th September and started calling them to get to know the status. But my calls are either getting ignored or if he takes, he identifies my voice and disconnects the phone. Customer care, Technician, Supervisor and everyone are ignoring the calls. If I call from a different number, he picks and when he recognizes who I am, disconnects my call. On seeing the complaints below, I have understood that the brand name – SHARP is being misused.

Contact Numbers of all the people involved in this so called Service scam – 8124444236 – Basha (Supervisor/Manager)
8870721344 – Aravindan (Technician)
9360211909 – Technician who called me to set up an appointment SB Electronics – Kolathur

I believe that I have been cheated by the Individual from the Sharp Customer Service. I need my money as well as the so called defective part returned to me.

kolkata Customs Retention of internation shipment

My online purchase from Aliexpress way back in June 2019 is yet to be delivered. Upon tracking with the id. RB775260618SG it has been showing that the consignment is held up at Kolkata Customs since the 5th July’19!!

Several mails had been sent regarding the same through the e-helpline ( as phone numbers given in the website were all out of service , but the issue is yet to be resolved. It has been more than 3 months now and i am yet to get an update of the status as to why it has been held back or when it will be released.

Requesting resolution of the issue at the earliest.

Alt balaji Amount debited but subscription not done

My complaint is against the company Alt balaji who even after taking money don’t subscribe to their channels.. I and rs 100 for the subscription but even after being debited my account services were not started. This is the second time I faced this problem. But only with 100 rs they have lost the viewers trust and in future no one would fall prey to the company.