SULEKHA.COM IT Training and placement Scam

Dear Folks,
If you are planning to take an online course from SULEKHA then this review is for you.
They took my money 618$(USD) and wasted my time (10months), let me share my experience in brief,
I was looking for IT training and placement while searching on google; Sulekha name appeared that they give training and also provide job placement,
Then I called sulekha to know more about IT Training and Placement, they said our clients will call you for further discussions,
Here comes the Scammer (Belinfotek) they called me and pleased me to enroll with them as they give training as per the current market and also provide job placement with their vendors and clients as they got many jobs openings, I was trapped with these words and I had to pay these Cheaters, BELINFOTEK is fraud IT Training and Placement Company,
Recently they changed their business name to Bluelinesoft,
Training – They agreed to complete within 5 to 6 weeks but they took 12 weeks to complete after many follow-ups
Resume – They agreed to complete within 1 to 2 weeks but they took 8 weeks to prepare my resume after many follow-ups
Mock Interview – Every time I was asked to gain more technical knowledge, as I was trained on a basic level it was impossible for me,
Vendor Interview – It was FAKE Interview some XYZ companies called me they took my interview and never shared the outcome, then one day I called them back to check my status, Well I was shocked to know that they were IT Training companies and they said we are not Vendors to conduct interviews and apologized me,
Job Placement – when asked for Placement – Belinfotek stopped communicating and blocked my calls and they didn’t bother to reply my emails,
I have sent more than 500 emails and called them every day and left voicemails to call back and update my status but till now there is no response from them.
Don’t be a Victim like me with SULEKHA and their clients, read their reviews and then decide your future, Good Luck Mates !!

GVK Mumbai Airport Airport harassment

Hello Sir

I am Ansar Sayed and I live in London. I am originally from Mumbai but I am a British citizen now.
I was in Mumbai for a week from 22nd February. My reason to contact you is the harassment done by airport staff while arrival and departure.
When I arrived, the first bad thing is some staff try to assist you without asking and ask for some money even if you refuse they keep following you. Then immigration officers are completely unprofessional, they sing on counter and keep chatting each other.
When I collected my bags from carousel I saw my bags X marked every where with chalk. This they do to stop people, open their bags scan items in my bag and tell this is not allowed and I have to pay customs or pay them few thousand rupees. Even though you can buy the same thing in any mall in Mumbai.
Finally when you done even with the officers and while you exiting, some plain clothes guy approaches you and ask for your passport. Even though he got no ID on him. I haven’t seen this kind of behaviour any where else in other countries.
I request you please can you do something to stop this people to carry out this illegal trade.
Kind Regards

Ansar Sayed

E SAMUDRA DG SHIPPING Change my profile name

Request to pls change My Profile Name
Dear Sir,
I am Raj kamal choudhary ,I am already send a mail related to pls change my seafarer profile name when login my profile then show is left corner RAJ KAMAL so pls REPLACE my name my correct name is RAJ KAMAL CHOUDHARY according to my service paper and my service so I requesting you pls change my name.
Thanks For Helping.

INDOS NO- 11EL1523

Email id – [email protected]

UTS Monthly Pass not generated but money got deducted

Hi Team,

I was tried to book monthly pass from UTS app today(05-03-2018). But pass not generated and money got deducted from my bank account. I tried to call customer care but no one is receiving the call.
Please look into this issue and refund my money.

Details of transaction are below.

Mobile No. 9975432067
Transaction Date. 05-03-2018
Amount. 1562.15

Javed Ansari

itzeazy Cheaters

I want to take my car KA51MD0605 from Bangalore to Jabalpur (MP) and needed NOC from Bangalore RTO in EC. Submitted my documents to ItzEazy on 30th Sep 2017. I was promised for work to be completed by 17th Nov 2017. Today it’s 5th March 2018 and I am still waiting for NOC. They have promised multiple dates but everytime it turned out to be a false promise. I am now asking for giving my documents back but not getting any response. I had to handover original RC Card of my car along with the documents and not sure, if I will really get it back. Don’t believe these cheaters.

shri krishna agencies fraudulent maid proving company

I had to inquire about maid services online as my small 2 months kid was coming to stay with me for a month and then we were suppose to go back to our hometown in kanpur.
I was looking for a maid for 1 year and then I contacted this online site where a lady by name of Kanan called up and asked to pay the amount 16000 for 1 year, after lot of persuasion she agreed for 8000 rs which I paid online to the following account : Abhimanyu nayak
a/c num.: 99980102048449

Now I needed this maid on 2nd of this month and now they are not picking up calls
my family is already here and we are in Depp trouble

please take necessary action

Dr Avijit