IGATPURI NAGAR PALIKA Jogeshwari hdg socirty-2, igatpuri drainage & gatar wastege water chocup

जोगेश्वरी हौसिंग सोसायटी -२, इगतपुरी येथील गटारी चे पाणी मागील २ महिन्या पासून CHOCKUP झालेले आहे. व पाणी जाण्यास मार्ग नाही. त्यामुळे पूर्ण सोसायटी मध्ये घन पाणी साचले आहे. तरी ते घन पाणी व DRAINAGE चे CHOCKUP कडून देणे. हि इगतपुरी नगर पालिकेला नम्र विनंती ( ड्रेनेज पीपलाईन व गटारी बांधण्यात यावे)

जोगेश्वरी -२ चेअरमन

Sweat shirt Negligence and impoliteness of the salesman

I had been gifted a sweat shirt 2 years back. It had been purchased from MAX, Ranchi. But the magnet attached to it had not been taken out by the person in the counter then. Today, when I went to that shop, I was suspected by the salesman, and accused of stealing the same. This was highly humiliating. This was due to sheer negligence of the salesman and I was acquitted of of such a heinous crime! What sort of a service do you people provide to your customers? Is this the way you treat them?! I felt so angry that I left the clothing there itself. Day by day, max is becoming highly unpopular. And I am pretty sure that I one day it will lose all it’s potential customers due to such horrible service.

PRTC PUNJAB Mis-Behavior of bus conductor

I am a student and i took bus from jalandhar ISBT TO LOVELY PROFESSIONAL UNIVERSITY and the bus conductor mis behaved with me and push me and asked me to sit on the back seat and said that take your rent back and get out of my bus when i asked about a proper seat.It was the worst behavior by a bus conductor i have ever seen in my life so far. I want that a proper action should be taken against these kind of people also he took extra 5 Rs. extra charges from me also he did not give me the receipt of my fare.
Bus no.- PB-10DA-5763