Leads Monetary fraud

One Santhosh and Avanakshi working in Indian money,phoned me today asking my credit card no and cvv number of my credit card
################ and they asked the details for verification and activation and I too believed and gave which is a mistake I admit.immediatelt they took 52500 from my card today at around 3 pm ..already they looted my money to the tune of 4 laksh and I am 70 years old— somebody please help to recover.

APOLLO TYRE Tyre cut outer side wall

While I was driving my WagonR on the highway, which has completed just 23000km the Front Left tyre got bursted & by god’s grace there was no mishap. I observed cuts on outer side wall. After returning to Chennai, I raised a complaint with Apollo tyres through Vishnu Cart Pvt. Ltd. I got a message from Apollo tyre with complaint number of CDAGNA85 on 6th Jan’18. The inspection guy called me on 8th Jan’18 & went to Vishnu Cars for inspecting my tyre. He called from there & told me that you have driven your car with a punctured tyre. I conveyed him that, I checked tyre pressure before start of my journey. The burst happened while driving. If it has already punctured, I would have experienced the wobbling before (as it is front left tyre) and that I heard the loud sound of tyre burst followed by rapid slowdown of car. But he was not at all listening to my part & repeatedly telling me the same thing that I have driven with a punctured tyre. I only h!
ad the feeling that I’m talking to a programmed robot. Therefore I’m raising my request here hoping to get a positive response.
Sadiq G
[email protected]

Loudspeaker in Malviya Nagar Gurudwara are too loud Creating a lot of noise pollution

Gurudwara near L block ,,,the loudspeaker are creating a lot of noise be it 5 am in morning or 7 pm onwards at night and it goes on even after 10 pm during festival days ,I am not able to sleep ,nor am I able to study

rajesh jain Complaint against a person with lumpsome amount of black money

Respected sir,
I want to complain against a person who is running a business which is not allowed.
He is running share market firms which operates in black. They are working in black and not paying the tax which they should pay. Not only that he is working under many IDs and anytime have a lumpsome unrecognised cash in hand. He is working and keeping the money in different forms and under different identifies.
I would request you to raid in his office and get deep into this matter as he is looting many young men who are will to earn money through share market. I have mentioned his address below. Address: 6, mango lane, Kolkata.
Name: Rajesh Jain.
Phone no.- 9831113273