auto rikshaw complaint Regarding misconduct by an Auto Driver E-1358 in Nagpur and using abusive language at Tajbagh.

My complaint is there against an Auto Driver E-1358, MH-31. The Auto driver used abusive language and tried to beat me at Tajbagh Chowk.
Actually I caught an Auto at Tiranga Chowk and was decided to be dropped at Dighori Chowk. But the Auto Driver dropped me at Sakkardara and forced me in another Auto E-1358, and told me that he would drop me at Dighori Chowk and to pay 20 Rs as decided while hiring me at Tiranga Chowk.
But the Auto Driver E-1358 was continuously asking for 30 Rs. and threatening on the way to Dighori. Fortunately I left my collar from him and dropped at Tajbagh Chowk. But he did fighting and pick my collar and used abusive language. He was trying to beat me.
I hope the concerned authorities would take the cognizance of the incidence and would help in securing the safety of the citizen in Nagpur.
Earlier also same Auto Driver misbehaved and threatened me while coming to Dighori.The local authorities must take proper action on such people. The local authorities must give me complaint no also for complaint of this incidence.

Pravin Mundhe
Asst professor.

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