Name : Jamiya Amreen

Mobile number : 9535151327 ( registered with Axis Bank )

Account Number 916010022275270 AXIS BANK

I have been using Axis account provided from my previous employer Myntra designs from past 2.5 years but i have never been charged any account charges till now but from few days i have come across so much deductions which i think are completely invalid. I had spoken to customer support executive and informed him that i had one loan with capital finance which I had and the same bounce charges of more than 2000 was debited from my account in the month of october and november and also it went in to negative balance in December 2018 and also I would like to highlight that the loan is completed and closed in the month of january and again there is a deduction of around 1000 rupees on 12th Jan 2019 and as of now there are no charges and there is no cheque bounce then without any issues why i have negative balance of around 1300 in my account and I do not want any clarifications because ur previous customer agent clearly informed me on the call that there will be no further charg!
es and also if i continue this account as a salary account in new company there will be no deductions so I confirmed the same with the agent and proceeded by giving these account details in my new company for salary trusting that AXIS is best now i have been facing this issue 2000 rupees is big for me since I am from middle class family and I am alone earning in my family to support my parents and 3 yr old kid but if this is the case i think i will have to spread this and would never recommend this to my collegues and friends circle so that they will understand my situation and pain i am going through might be for you guys 2000 rupees is very less but for me I have to manage that 2000 rupees till month end so i want my issue to be resolved and want the amount to be refunded or else I will post this in social media platform and also will send email to your CEO for the same also make sure that there is no such deductions in future

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