Axis Bank Consolidated Charges

I have a salary account in AXIS bank since 2012. A couple of days they levied consolidated charges on my account of Rs. 500, which pushed my balance to negative. On a transaction I never did. After inquiring firat they told me that it was a cheque bounce charge I denied cos I have not used a check for the past 6 months. After a few more visits I came to know that I made a transaction of Rs. 400 on 26th of June, which I have never did.
Today in the afternoon I got another message from the bank abiut consolidated charges of Rs. 888 and 18% GST Rs. 159. The bank is not providing adequate information on the app. Neither they are providing information at the branch.
For the first bank charges I had to visit two branches about 5 times. After which they gave me this rebuttle. What should I do they keep deducting charges and I have to try so hard to reach the root of the problem.

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