Axis Bank Law Garden Branch Ahmedabad Sention Letter of Loan

I am going to purchase property in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and My Home Town is Bhavnagar Gujarat.
I have Submitted all necessary documents to Axis bank and They asked me to give Ahmedabad Residence Address Proof. For that they told me to open my bank account in any Branch of Axis Bank Branch Ahmedabad. I did this and open my account for my address proof.
I just need to sention letter of my loan so ill make sure the final amount of my loan and give Token amount to Builder. Axis Bank verified my Office and Ahmedabad Residence address proof.
Now Bank told me they verify property where i am going to purchase. If i don’t know Loan Sention amount then how can i pay for Token to Builder and how verification is possible at the place where i am going to purchase property?
For sention letter no need to verify property i am going to purchase. At the time of loan definitely it needed. Now the problem is without sention letter i can’t pay any Token amount to Builder and for sention letter Axis bank wants my property address verify how can it possible??
I asked to other Axis bank of Bhavnagar they told me no verification needed related to the property you are going to purchase only the Home and Office address is enough for verification to get sention letter.

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