Axis Bank Negative balance showing in account

I have a current account with axis Bank kazhakoottam branch trivandrum. I opened that account years back when i was running a firm of my own. But the firm got closed due to financial problems and I wasn’t in a state to maintain the account with axis bank. Since i was out of trivandrum it was not possible for me to go to the branch and give closure paper signed(which they asked me to do).

Years after i am daily receiving SMS from the bank mentioning my account balance is -28000 Rs. To open the account I had no hassle but closing is not possible without my personal presence and they can’t freeze the account somehow as I am not maintaining it. They simply keeps adding charges to loot me. When I called the branch they said I have to pay the whole negative amount to close the account.

Sreejith Karunakaran
email: [email protected] Phone: 9446804547

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