Bad STP water supply in noida extension sector 1, Ace city Bad and Smelly water supply

Respected Sir/Madam,

This is my sincere request to look into this matter that I am raising regarding the bad and smelly STP water in our society at noida extension sector 1, Ace city from past 4 months. In the middle there use to be worms also coming in the bathroom flush water. The regular supply water coming from the Tap for bathing and in kitchen area is so bad that it causes skin rash problem and it’s hard water.
We are very much worried concerning our health with such a bad condition of water supply. Our society maintenance officers do not respond to our complaint and they without doing any work on their side force us to close our complain.

Hereby I request you all that please look into this matter and help us with this.

Thanks and Regards
Sujata Srivastava

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