Bajaj Avenger street Battery Issue

I purchased Avenger150 in August 2017 from Jai Bajaj Adyar Chennai. Bike was good until first service. After that problems like No pick-up,heavy engine noice,gear shifting hard and facing daily basis self start problem started. After 3 months self start completely stopped working. I took it to service centre they have charged battery and told some wiring issue. From then it worked for 2 weeks and then problem started again. As the bike don’t have kick start it was too difficult for me to handle the bike with out self start. Then I showed the bike in Adyar Chennai service centre they are telling that it’s battery issue and it has be replaced and asking me to come after 6 working days.
These issues with in 3 months of purchase of the bike shows the poor quality of Avenger bikes and bad servicing. Please help me in resolving all the issues soon.

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