bajaj finance Cheating on paid loan

I went for Loan on two mobiles under 405DPF65834523 & 405DPF65834998. In spite of issuing NOC in Feb18, they have continued with their harassment by sending non existent ACH & in due course I have lost 4500/-. Repeated request to Bajaj finance has fallen on deaf ears NOC Srl no:2866361
Date: 16/08/2018
For and on behalf of
This is to certify that Bajaj Finance Limited, has duly received full payment due to them under Hire Purchase Finance
Agreement No.: 405DPF65834523 dated 17/02/2018 and all rights of Bajaj Finance Limited. over the SM
J701FZKDINS referred to in the said agreement stand extinguished and at an end from the date hereof. Request help

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