Barclays Bank NOC

I do not get NOC of Statement account

I had a credit card of Barclay Bank approx 8-9 years back,I request for close account and cancel credit card after this i pay Statement amount to one executive who came from representative of Barclay and Paid all statement amount then he said i get NOC soon after this i do not get NOC in next 2 years then again i call to customer care and remind about NOC but no reply.After Few Year I received a SMS from Kotak Bank that Barclay Bank is merged with Kotak Bank, and you have to pay Pending Amount to Kotak Bank. Today I have received a message that my case to transferred to Phoenix ARC Private Limited.But i already Paid all amount and Cancel My Credit Card before many years back and waiting for NOC. So please check my Metter and Send me NOC.
Please log my complain and provide any solution.

prabukannan 9444 655 444 ,,,, 044 24960000

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