I have joined BVC by 2009 but never used the club facilities. 3-4 times visited the programs on week end. Once got ticket for Magic Show but when i go there with the family they denied entry for their pass and i have watched the show on purchase of tickets. When I try to reach the customer care and check for that, they simply told their offer tickets are closed by the previous day. This is my first bad experience with them.
After some years, they asked for maintenance charges and i have questioned why suddenly asking for maintenance and they have told like you most of the members are not utilizing the club benefits. So every year we will give spa coupon and stay coupon to welcome them for using the club facilities. Sounds me reasonable and paid the annual fees for 2 – 3 years. But not used the coupons.
After that, one day they called, they asked to upgrade to Elite membership with the payment of 5000 Rs which is a one day offer. Also they told there is no annual maintenance charges for this card. They got the amount and also take back the membership card for replacement. After that, they called and told the cost is 10K. We can issue card only after paying the balance amount. I told i can not make the payment and asked for the refund. They told refund is not possible and asked me to come to their office for discussion. Unfortunately i went outside country after that and so am unable to follow-up the same.
After my return again they called and asked for maintenance charges. I have told no for it and told i want your membership too. Last 2 weeks before i got another call and inquired about the issues happened. One gal named Madhu spoke regarding the same and told someone has given wrong commitment and also told his boss daughters birthday today and asked me to upgrade to Royal Membership by paying 20K. I have told i dont want to get cheated again and asked for some written commitment or email. She told she will give it the letterpad as a written commitment. Anyhow i dont want to take the risk of 20 K and so i have told am not intersted with any SPA or stay vouchers. I need only program tickets and general club visit.
She told there is another option available for that. If i pay 5 years maintenance charges, there is no need to pay maintenance for every year and also she told she will courier the program tickets to my address. Asked this on written and she agreed for that. But when the executive met me for collection, he told he has not received the letter and asked him to write it on receipt stating there is no further amount required. Also asked Madhu to sent mail confirming the same. They said ok for everything. But after payment collection, i have not received the card and got call from customer care and asked for 5K more to sent the card.
It is a very big group doing a professional cheat. Anyone, got the money back from them, please guide me.

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