bescom No Power Since Yesterday Morning Despite Full Payment

No Power Since Yesterday Morning
I am really disappointed with the negligence on part of the BESCOM authorities. Despite making full payment (in fact extra) a month in advance, yesterday my power was disconnected. A person from the board called Venkatesh disconnected the line saying that I had not paid the bill amount despite me telling him that I already made the payment. I raised a complaint with BESCOM yesterday morning and they confirmed my payment was made as in their database as well. I requested for a resolution and after waiting whole day, after coming back from office, I found the have not provided the connection still. When I reached out to the helpline, the executive told me they cannot do anything till next day morning i.e. today and suggested to drop a complaint to the helpline mail id to get an instant response! And that’s all crap! I have not yet received a response from the team! When I called up today morning, the executive told me that they have not received a response from the acti!
on team and gave me a number. I have been following up with them and still I do not have power reactivated.
Can anyone of you tell me what’s the platform to escalate this? Do any of these people care to read these or take their sweet time to respond or even not bother about these
Disappointed with BESCOM services!!

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