Bharti Airtel Neteork and customer service

Dear Airtel ,
Your customer service is pathetic. Your people at customer service has to get ethiqustes and improve their behvr. If you have time kindly visit your DHARAMPETH AIRTEL STORE IN NAGPUR. people over there are really pathetic and the store manager is very rude to talk .your network is bullshit .dosnt have a 4G netwrk wrking anywhr. Bill chrges are very high. Plz improve ur customer service first and thn ur network. If your customer feedback really matters you SO KINDLY TAKE STRICT ACTION AGAINST THAT BEARD BOY WJO SITS AT AIRTEL STORE DHARAMPETH NAGPUR. HES PATHETIC TO TALK AND YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE NEVER ANSERRS THE CALL thn why u r paying to them.
Secondly i paid for postpaid sim that beard guy has given me some USED SIM of other person ..i get wrong number calls everyday. Plz improve this .

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