Bigg boss Request to kamal sir

Hello, kamal sir and big boss team,

At present BB is talk of town show and we have not missed a single episode of BB,
And a request not only from my side its a request from bangalore tamilians and all other peoples who are irritated by this worst female like gaythri, namitha mainly juli, and namitha is no more so lets skip that and juli and gayathri pls for god sake nominated them like how u did for raiza cos peoples are waiting for them to get nominate to throw them out, they really behave worst out of worst, this juli she is unfit to live as a women and on earth to, she is a women were we have no words to discribe about her, and we really get irritated and anger on her behavoiur we dont no how oviya is cool always by this stupid acting, pls first throw that juli and hope after that gayathri will shut cos juli a chigcha for gayathri,
And pls play the videos of gayathri and juli in front of the mens who r inside of what all nonsence thet do when they both talk alone
Its a great show to know about family, but cos of these idiots its really worst, if oviya ia gone out of show sure will stop watching BB
It will be a greater then great show once when this two bloody are out

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