bihar electricity board Very low voltage

I am Harsh Ranjan resident of priyadarshi nagar danapur patna . Sir we are facing problem of extremly low voltage since more than 5 years and now it is no more tolerable.
The problem we are the victims of, is explained below in short. 1. low voltage.
2. Too much voltage fluctuations every day & night, which may damage our costly electrical instruments.
3. In the nighttime, problem is even worst, there is often no power or too low voltage to operate fan, TV or some-times even CFL bulbs.
4. The problem may be due to the less transformers in area and out dated electrical equipments used
5. it has deleterious effect on electric and electronic goods, several consumers have in the past contacted the electricity department and complained about the voltage but no action has been taken as on date.
Sir we want you to look after this problem as soon as possible and take action immediately. We are waiting to see positive response of your department
Yours sincerely
Harsh ranjan
[email protected]

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