BITS Pilani Marks Descrepancy


I had recently appeared for the BITSAT (entrance exam)MAY-20,2019(9:00-12:00) slot at innovision technologies,secunderabad. Application number:504971 the score displayed in the computer terminal as soon as the exam got finsished was 302.I have attempted 138 questions in which 28 were wrong.To our utter shock the same score updated by BITS turned out to be 74 one week later.I have written many emails to ([email protected] ) but there is no response regarding my issue.However they stuck to 74 and the score was not changed.. Since Iam not convinced and was sure that some technical error could have happened I request them to show my answersheet .BITS on their part,they were completely silent and were not willing to give any standard reply regarding my email.I still cannot believe how 302 score can become 74.I have enough con!
fidence on my marks and the answers which were attempted to the given questions.This is really my unluck and a standard institution/organisation like BITS cannot behave in this manner especially not evening showing interest to reply to the candidate mails which was regarding major major score variation.

It’s been almost 1 month of my exam and Iam requesting BITS to rely to my mail or atleast send my answerscript if possible.

Name:Yerramsetti Meghana

Mobile no:9299998388

Email:[email protected]

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