BMTC Bus Rash driving BMTC BUS Rash Driving and Conductor goon's behavior – KA-57 F3679

Sub: Reckless and rash driving by driver and Conductor Yelling with no remorse, once advise.
Ref: T No 103, 500D/10 Depot -10 Bus Number KA-57 F3679, Marathhalli to Hebbal Bus, I have boarded Kasthuri Nagar Ring Raod Bus Stop to Veeranapalya, Ticker Number : Ordinary 325718691 issued at 15/10/2018 12:03:03 Hours.Token Number 11091.
Driver of bus number mentioned above is driving extremely rash, very reckless honking through out of the ride from Kasthuri Nagar to veeranapalya overtaking many BMTC buses and even other vehicle drives have abused him due to his dangerous and violent drive on the road. Please check the CC TV of the above mentioned time 12 PM to 12: 15 Dated 15/10/2018 . I guarantee this driver will cause huge damage to the public and himself before the day comes.
After couple of stops have raised concern with conductor to advise driver not to ride so reckless he ignored and once I advised driver at Manyatha bus stop, for that conductor without listening he is yelling and shouting at me in goon’s way. Please take action immediately on driver and conductor. Conductor doesn’t even return a change to passengers as the token is 1 rupee taking the advantage of the people dignity. This combination is very deadly for the public on the road and passengers boarded in the bus. Please take appropriate steps to counsel the driver and conductor on the behavior. Very few passengers were on board to excuse him as he is acting out of the frustration.
If they don’t change their attitude I’m sure soon they will end up in major accident very soon.
My name: M Srinivasa
Mobile# 9880273610

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