Dear Sir,

My landline number is 033-23960306. For the past one week I have registered the complaint for the internet. The link is coming but there is no internet. I can’t access the internet for the past one week. I have registered complain after complain but there is no response from your department. Previously I have also done many complaints regarding the speed and link failure of the internet but there was very little response.
I have been using the BSNL internet for the past 1 year but never have I experiences such a harrowing experience. Please look into this matter urgently as my work is being hampered because of the internet connection. Please take this matter as a priority or else I will have switched to other subscriber. I have called the call center for about 20 times but initially no one was picking up the phone. Today the lady picked up the phone but it was not helpful.
Please solve this problem urgently.

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