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My father got a call from 0639431839 claiming to be an official of PFRDA. She said her name was Mahish Sharma and is an official in PFRDA. She told my father that he has an unclaimed amount of RS 310648 in his GPF account ( my father worked in a private firm so he is not eligible for GPF) and asked him to pay an amount of RS 31064 as tax refundable to RBI. She asked him to send two cheques one cancelled and other one with some specific details to an address in Delhi. She said the amount will be credited to my father’s account by April 15. As soon as my father told me this I asked him to call one of our relatives who is working in the PF office to ask regarding this. Our relative at once said this is fraud and there is no money to be given to my father from the govt.
I believe this is a new kind of fraud being played by the scamsters. People who doesn’t know about this fraud will fall into this trap. I hope police and other officials try to take action against these petty thieves.

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